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" I feel there is nothing more truly artistic than to love people" ~Van Gogh

What Pleases Me? April 3, 2012

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A couple of weeks ago when I decided to focus on just a few things for a week in order to restore some sanity, pleasure was on the list. There is no shortage of pleasing things in my daily life, but I do not necessarily take pleasure in them. I am blessed with a job I truly love. I am a preschool teacher. I get to read stories, play with toys, do art projects, hear children laugh, play outside, enjoy 2 plus hours of nap time each afternoon  etc. but I was still getting caught up in the small hassles that come with any job. I have a beautiful apartment but I feel this overwhelming need to change it lately. I have a loving and supportive partner that I enjoy my time with, but I still wonder…. is this for real? I have great friends but I rarely go to anything I am invited to spur of the moment. I have awesome nieces and nephews but I don’t always want them to stay the night on the weekends after working with children all week…. I am blessed with many other truly wonderful things but I think you get the picture.  I had been realizing this for a while but wasn’t sure how to really go about changing it so I decided spending a week on things that truly pleased me would help shift my focus back to where it needed to be. So what pleased me? I went out for ice cream twice, I got sprinkles, I ate bruschetta, just bruschetta, for dinner 3 nights in a row, I let the housework slide a bit, I wore sundresses and flip flops almost everyday (with a cardigan for most of them), I took walks for pleasure, not exercise.  I chopped a lot of vegetables, I laid in bed and read much past my bedtime, I saw two of my friends, I saw my sister, I played, really played with my nieces and nephews. I sat on the floor with the kids at work and talked and laughed despite there being paint brushes in the sink and sand all over the floor. I cuddled with my dogs in my clean sheets. I watched Sex and the City and drank wine. I took a lot of pictures. I spent a lot of time on pinterest ~ and even finally did a couple of projects that I had pinned. I wrapped up in a blanket and took a mug of peppermint tea outside to look at the stars. I made lists. I organized a bit. I had lunch with my grandma, I ate a lot of bacon, I rewatched my favorite movies. I laughed a lot. I did yoga.

Did spending just one week help me shift my focus back to the beauty of life? Fuck yeah. I feel centered and “light” in a way I have not in quite some time. I learned pretty early that you are not guaranteed anything in this life, most of all time and it should not be taken for granted, I just got a little off track for a while. Happy to say the road looks pretty clear ahead 🙂