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October Goals. October 2, 2012

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I welcomed my very favorite month of the year by having a few friends over for a casual dinner. I used up the last of the garden’s green tomatoes and made fried green tlb’s (blt’s with fried green tomatoes subbed in for fresh tomatoes). Add a little thin sliced red onion & olive oil mayo and pile it all on some nutty whole grain toast…. soo good! Served with sweet potatoe fries & plenty of white wine.

I love to set goals each month & these are my October Goals:

1. Lose 10lbs (it’s a bit of a stretch but i have a lot to lose & the first few lbs always come off quickly for me when i try)
2. Have a family gathering (i have one scheduled)
3. Finish 4 books (i have a huge stack to work on)
4. Read my stack of fall magazines
5. Do something from pinterest everyday
6. Get my oven fixed
7. Figure out my student loan situation
8. Walk/hike 50miles (outside the everyday movement)

That’s it. Some of them work together, all of them are things I’ve been wanting/needing to do. What are your October Goals?