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Weigh In Day. January 15, 2013

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Today was my WW meeting day. I was down another 1.8lbs for a total of 5.6lbs in 2 weeks. My only real hope/goal this week was not to gain over my birthday weekend when I knew I would indulge a little. So, I was more than successful 🙂

  Since starting Weight Watcher’s, I haven’t made any grand changes in the things I eat on a daily basis or in my activity level. My morning coffee with cream & sugar has been replaced with plain Earl Grey tea. Dinners are less carb heavy. I try not to eat after 7 or so at night. All of these small changes have helped add up to success.

   For the week ahead, my main goal (in relation to health/weight loss) is to get some exercise. I’ve been kind of lazy about such things since the snow came. Since the snow has now melted, I have no more excuses!


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