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Meal Plan & Some Quick Inspiration. January 21, 2013

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  Planning is kind of my thing. Lists, notes, calendars & organizers of any sort make me giddy. It’s really no surprise I make a weekly meal plan. Some people find meal planning hard and I’m really not quite sure why. I’ve got no magic formula, I just look at what I have in the house & write down some ideas. After I have a list of ideas, I keep my schedule in mind & assign them to the days they work best. On days I know I’ll be home late, I assign crockpot dishes, leftovers or other quick meals. For nights that the honey is home to eat with me (we work completely opposite shifts), I make heartier meals. One night a week usually involves a new recipe. So, without further ado… this week’s meal plan

Monday- whole wheat gnocchi with pesto & chicken ( I will either sneak some veggies in the mix or eat a side salad)

Tuesday- Black bean & reduced fat cheese quesadilla (whole wheat tortilla) with salsa

Wednesday- Homemade chicken & brown rice soup

Thursday- honey soy marinated salmon, roasted brocolli & pierogies

Friday- Leftovers

Saturday- Dinner out with the Honey

Sunday- spinach, mushroom & feta stuffed ravioli with homemade marinara & mushrooms

  Plans sometimes change but I like having one in place so I don’t have to think about it when I’m tired & rushed.

   Other meals get planned too, but in a much less formal way.  During the week I tend to eat oatmeal or egg & laughing cow cheese english muffin sandwiches for breakfast. Lunches are soup, salad, sandwich or leftovers. Sunday mornings, I like to get a little fancy for brunch.

  Thought I’d wrap things up by sharing some of the “pins” from my fitness inspiration board to get everyone motivated to start off the new week-





Have a fantastic week!



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