The Sweetest Thing.

" I feel there is nothing more truly artistic than to love people" ~Van Gogh

Snow Day. January 22, 2013

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Today’s post was supposed to be a check in after my weekly meeting- an update on weight lost & goals set. Today was supposed to be a work day. Today was supposed to involve getting to Brigiotta’s for some fresh produce (we need some desperately). Mother nature had other plans for me & let’s face it, she always wins. Sub zero temperatures & school cancellations kept me right in my cozy little apartment.

   This makes it 3 whole days without leaving the house- i’m not complaining. Sunday & Monday were spent crossing things off my to do list, with a little relaxation mixed in.  This morning started off the same way. I took care of a few things around the house. I made phone calls. I turned the music up & danced in a wild flailing manner for 45 minutes so I could cross “exercise” off my list.
   After all that, I took another look at my neverending list of things I “should” do & made a decision to close the notebook & put it away. The tea kettle was turned on, my favorite lounge clothes were excitedly thrown on & I decided to honor  snow day in proper fashion. The honey & I spent a little time together before she had to work. I read most of a book. I took a long nap on the couch. I watched a movie in the middle of the afternoon. I drank hot chocolate. I let the aroma of homemade chicken broth envelop my home as it simmered on the stove all day long. I wrote letters & journaled.

  Overall, I “did” a whole lot of just being. Being present in my life as it is. Being grateful. Being aware. Being home. Being a loving partner.
Just being & not concerning myself with always doing can be tough for me. It’s in my nature to have a hundred things going while thinking about another hundred things I could do.  Being motivated & “ambitious” is awesome but I also think there is real value in stopping the incessant doing & learning to just be.

   Balance is just as essential to a healthy lifestyle as vegetables & exercise are. Too much of anything is just…. too much. Unexpected days off are a good time to “do nothing” because that time wasn’t alloted to anything else anyways. Cancelled plans are another good oppurtunity to practice just being present & only doing what you actually want to do instead of what you should do. Take advantage of these times when they arise & in the meantime, just sneak these moments in when possible. You will be happier & healthier for it.

  *** I will be stopping into the weigh watcher’s center tomorrow for a weigh in & will post my results, thoughts & goals after.


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