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What I Ate Wednesday & Weekly Weigh In. January 23, 2013

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  Around the healthy living blog world, there is a thing called “What I ate Wednesday?” Can you guess what it’s all about?

  Sharing a day of meals once a week is a good way to show what a relatively healthy, normal day of eating looks like for me. New meals ideas often come to me while reading what others have eaten as well.

Breakfast was a sandwich thin with laughing cow cheese and a farm fresh egg, an orange & some unpictured Earl grey tea.


Lunch was a Hugh Jass salad with organic spring mix, feta cheese, olives, chopped walnuts, olive oil, honey, balsamic vinegar & fresh ground black pepper. I added a half cup of organic garbanzo beans after this picture was taken. This salad was a seriously delicious combo of tastes & textures. Can’t wait to recreate it tomorrow.


That salad kept me full so I didn’t really need an afternoon snack. I did however, need an afternoon boost, so I made a pot of coffee. I enjoyed 2 cups with hazelnut creamer.


Since the weather prevented us from going to our Weight Watchers meeting last night, we went to weigh in today. Our Weight Watchers center is conveniently located right next to Subway. Chicken & Rice soup was on the menu plan but I never got out for carrots & onions earlier so Subway was a nice  treat.  I ordered the 6inch sweet onion chicken teriyaki on 9grain wheat with ALL the veggies & no cheese. I even had enough points left for the day to get a bag on cheesy Sunchips. So yummy!


I used all of my daily points but no weekly points. I also earned 3 activity points today & did not use those.

Weekly Weigh In results- I am down 2.4 lbs from last week for, a total of 8lbs since January 2nd! Hoping to reach 10lbs next week.
My goal for the week was to exercise more. Technically I did accomplish this since I wasn’t exercising at all before & I did twice last week. I am keeping the same goal for this week (& likely a few more until exercise becomes a habit again).

Other highlights of the day –

– I ordered my Seed Savers catalog

– My basement is officially, completely organized. We’re talking some boxes that had not been unpacked the last 3 places I lived- over 12 years!

– I have stopped feeling ridiculous when I’m home alone having a dance/exercise party. For some reason, I felt more ridiculous dancing alone than I do dancing in front of others…. what’s that even about?

-Emma & I had an awesome doggie photo shoot. For no actual reason. Bella was too busy being a spaz to be photographed.





Here I am drinking the previously unpictured breakfast tea-


Hope you are having a lovely week so far 🙂


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