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Why? January 24, 2013

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  When starting any new path in life, I think it is important to ask yourself why? This question applies to weight loss & healthy living as much as anything else. Reasons for deciding to make changes will vary greatly from person to person. As long as the reason is something you are doing for yourself, it’s a good one.

  So why do I want to lose weight?

  First, I will tell you what aren’t reasons for me. It’s not to “look better”. Sure, I will enjoy that part but quite honestly, I think I look pretty nice now. Finding clothes in “regular” or thrift stores is never an issue for me. There has been no shortage of interested suitors over the years. My weight has never held me back socially.
  It is not because I hate my body. Seeing myself naked in the mirror does not make me cringe or cry. I appreciate my body because I know it is strong & healthy despite my weight issues. My body has danced with my best friends, rolled down hills with my nieces & nephews, held my siblings while we cried after my dad died, hiked with my dogs, hugged with abandon & laughed till it aches. How could I not love & appreciate all my body does for me?

  So, what are my reasons? Simply, I can do better. I want to do better. My body can be healthier & stronger and I want it to be. My health is more & more of a priority as I get older. Eating healthier & exercising are good for me. They make me feel good. They give me the energy I need for all the other awesome things I do in my life.  Living, really living & not just getting thru life, is so important to me and I need the energy to wake up & do that everyday. Losing weight is just a bonus for me.

  As I said before, reasons will vary from person to person but as long as the changes you are making are *for you*, they are good reasons. Only you know what will ultimately motivate you & keep you going. Identifying the “why” in any change you want to make is important because it gives you something to focus on when things get rough. So write your reasons down. Post them someplace you will see them regularly- maybe even several places. Share your reasons. Write about your reasons. Whatever you do, just remember why you are making the changes & use it to push thru & keep moving forward.

  What changes are you currently making & why?


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