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" I feel there is nothing more truly artistic than to love people" ~Van Gogh

33 While 33. January 26, 2013

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  This is kind of my version of New Year’s resolutions…. except way more fun.  A few birthday’s ago, I decided to start a new tradition. However old I was turning that year, I would make a list of that many fun adventures to have in the year before my next birthday. Nothing like exercise more or be better with money gets to go on the list. That stuff is important and I am always working on being better in all those grown up ways but it is just as important to remember to have some fun in there too. Since I turned 33 a couple of weeks ago, I made a list of 33 adventures to have this year.

1. Buy a Kitchenaid Mixer-This has been on my list of  wants for years. It’s honestly ridiculous I don’t yet have one. Love this color.


2. Redevelop a regular yoga practice – I just need this in my life again & I feel I am finally ready to do it.

3. Participate in 2 charity 5ks– walking or running

4. Relearn Spanish – Hoping it comes back quickly since I took 12 years of Spanish classes

5. Learn to play poker – just for fun

6. Fly a kite


7. Find a regular source for local meat – It is easy to find local fruits in veggies ( that I can’t grow on my own) but meat proves a little harder

8. Make jewelry

9. Sew something

10.  Ride my bike to the farmer’s market

11. Have a spa day with my sister

12. Family wine tour


13. Take a Trip- anywhere would be fine, I just need some more travel in my life

14. Read 52 Books – getting a good start on this already

15. Get my driver’s license– it’s really about time

16. Go camping – another thing I love but haven’t done enough of the past few years

17. Watch a sunrise over a breakfast picnic


18. Keep a running list of all the little everyday things that bring me joy

19.  Look thru old photos with my mom & siblings

20.  Make a comfy “nest” in the back of the truck for a drive in movie date

21.  Study an artist in depth – haven’t picked one yet…. any suggestions?

22. Make blueberry pie from scratch with blueberries I picked that morning


23. Spin myself dizzy with my nieces & nephews

24. Have a sit down dinner party for friends

25. Write my grandmothers letters to let them know all I learned from them

26.  Make macaroons


27.  Go to a comedy club

28. Go out to eat & order dessert first – just because

29. Discover new music – suggestions?

30. Have a big cookout for friends, family & neighbors

31. Have a garage sale & get rid of the stuff I don’t need

32.  Cook 52 new recipes

33. Write (in some form) every single day.


What would be on your list?


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