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Weekly Weigh In. January 29, 2013

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   Today has not been my favorite day. An early morning arguement, an hour on the phone after work without getting anything resolved, the internet repair guys not showing up to fix the internet and a .6lb gain have all led to some crankiness this evening. I’m now wearing my comfiest sweatpants & watching movies while cozy on the couch with the pups…. and looking forward to a brand new day tomorrow.

   So, .6lbs is not really that much but I was still dissapointed, even if  not shocked by a gain. Things were a little tough at the beginning of the last week because we needed some groceries. We bought some groceries & then the weekend happened. There were several splurges on Friday & I never really got it back together after that. I stayed within my points plus target the other days but I was making poor food choices. Too many carbs, not enough produce.  My goal for the week was to exercise 5 times & that didn’t happen. Late night snacking did. Another issue may have been that my daily points plus allowance may need to be lowered a bit. When I joined they said they would reevaluate when I lost 8-10lbs & I reached an 8lb loss last week. There really is no point in beating myself up about it. I know the things I did wrong, I just need to get back on track this week.

Here’s the “get back on track” plan-
1) Lower my daily points allowance by 2
2) Stay within my points allowance every day
3) Do not use any weekly points
4) Exercise 5 days
5) Meet the good health guidelines everyday.
6) Preplan & stick to all planned meals
7) Only fruits & veggies for snacks
8) Stop all the “bites “- they do add up!
9) No alcohol
10) Eat lighter dinners & bigger breakfasts/lunches

The list above is completely reasonable & I’m motivated for a better week ahead.



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