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One Month In. January 31, 2013

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  Today marks four whole weeks I have been on the Weight Watchers plan. I have lost a total of 8lbs but unfortunately gained a little back so my actual weight loss at this point is 7.4lbs. That is pretty average for any weight loss program. Honestly, I haven’t really tried all that hard. While being more conscious of what I am eating has obviously helped, I haven’t done much else beyond a halfhearted attempt at exercise. After allowing myself a couple of cocktails and some appetizers last Friday, I have struggled to get back on track. Most days start off well but end with lots of snacking. There are a couple things I could blame this on- stress, family issues & the desperate need for a good grocery shop, but really my head just isn’t in it.  I am ready to get back on track because I can already feel the difference in my energy levels etc.

   Anyways, the point of this post was to share my thoughts on the Weight Watchers program and the changes I have noticed in the past month.  I really  believe in the program and I know it works. I used it years ago and found it very effective but a little pricey at the time. With different financial circumstances, I was excited to return. The program allows you to choose what you eat as long as you stay in your given points plus allowance (based on age/sex/height/weight). Eating healthier foods allows you to eat more because they are lower in points plus values. All fruits and most veggies have 0 points+, so you are encouraged to eat as much of those as you want (within reason). This has made it easy to fulfill my sweet tooth with clementines or bananas. You are also given a weekly points plus allowance that you can use or not. These points are in addition to your daily points and can be used for whatever you wish. For me, it seems best not to use those points but everyone is different. You can also earn more points by exercising but you do not have to use those points either. Weight Watchers does want you to eat all of your daily points (which are recalculated as you lose weight)  In addition to the 0 points+ fruits & veggies, the program also encourages healthy habits with their daily   “good health guidelines”  (post on those coming next week). While the program does require calculation g & tracking points, it seems far less tedious than doing so with calories.

   So, if all of that wasn’t convincing enough let’s talk about how I feel. Within 2 days, I felt so much better! I didn’t even realize how not good I had been feeling until I didn’t feel that way anymore. My “foggy head” cleared, I was sleeping better and therefore less exhausted & more energetic- all within a couple of days!  The headaches I was getting 2-3 times a week have disappeared. My confidence & sex drive came back too! I just feel alive again. It is possible to use the WW program and eat junk/convenience foods and the results surely would not be the same but my diet is built around whole, real foods.

   The only real gripes I have with the program is that it’s kind of annoying to figure out the portions/points when creating your own recipe. The other “trouble” I’ve had is eating all my points some days-  which isn’t really a thing to complain about.

   Overall, I am happy with the program and I plan to continue with it. I just need to get focused (and get groceries). I can and will do this! Not because losing weight is important, but because being my healthiest most alive self is. Because I am.



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