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Rewarding Yourself Without Food. February 5, 2013

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   Many people who have issues with their weight, struggle in their relationship with food in variety of different ways. Food, while I 100% believe in enjoying & celebrating it, is really just fuel for your body to be strong & healthy. It is essential that we learn to enjoy & celebrate food as part of our regular healthy diet and this does not include using food as a reward. This is tough for me. When someone accomplishes a goal or wants to celebrate their success, my default plan is going out for a nice dinner. When I have put in a hard, stressful day at work I want to reward myself with a sweet treat or multiple glasses of wine. I feel I deserve this. What I really deserve is a strong, energized & healthy body.  Nice dinners out & ice cream cones have their place in a healthy lifestyle but not as a reward for hard work.

  That being said, I like rewards & I want to continue celebrating the little everyday things that make life so awesome. My solution was to come up with a list of little “celebrations” I can enjoy that do not involve food. Some of these things won’t appeal to everyone but hopefully it will inspire a list of your own.

Non Food Rewards

1. Get a manicure or pedicure

2. Put the money you’d spend on a dinner out away for a special “big” purchase or vacation

3. Buy yourself a new book & allow yourself a couple of hours to just sit & read

4. Have a slumber party with the kiddos in your life

5. Go for a long relaxing walk

6. Buy new exercise equipment or clothes

7. Buy a new lipstick or nail polish

8. Treat a friend for a cup of tea at your favorite coffee shop

9. Visit your favorite thrift store

10. Watch your favorite movie (or a brand new one) while cozy on your couch

11. Go to the movies with your love

12. Spend a few hours exploring the library

13. Go to one of the cute little stores that intrigue you but you’ve never made it into

14. Go to the beach

15. Go on a hike

16. Buy yourself flowers

17. Take a relaxing bubble bath (bonus points for candles & your favorite music)

18. Listen to your favorite music & dance

19. Buy yourself concert/event tickets

20. Buy yourself new bras & underwear

21. Hang out with people who make you laugh, really laugh.

22. Buy new shoes

23. Get your hair cut

24. Get a massage

25. Buy a new workout DVD

26. Buy a good candle

27. Make yourself a new playlist

28. Buy a new journal

29. Rearrange a room in your house to make it feel brand new

30. Go sledding in the winter or bust out the sprinklers in the summer with some friends

31. Visit your grandma

32. Do some volunteer work

33. Buy what you need to start a new project

This list is a work in progress but off to a pretty good start. What is your favorite, non food reward?


3 Responses to “Rewarding Yourself Without Food.”

  1. These are all great ideas for celebrating or rewarding yourself without food. I know I can be guilty in rewarding hard work with ice cream or chocolate and its counter productive.

    This time around, I celebrated my 8 lbs lost by being able to wear a shirt that didn’t fit a month ago. Go us!

    Great post 🙂

    • Jessica Says:

      Thank you! I can’t wait to wear some of my favorite clothes that were only about ten lbs away from fitting nicely!

  2. Your breakfast looks delicious:)

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