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“What I Ate” Wednesday February 6, 2013

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   You may have guessed this is not what I ate Wednesday since the post went up at 6am. It is actually what I ate Tuesday. In future weeks I think I am going to makes collages of my favorite meals & snacks from the week before for my Wednesday posts…. kind of a wrap up of the highlights of what I ate. I do not intend for this blog to be a meal by meal diary of food but I like the idea of a visual weekly representation of what I have been eating to meet my healthy living goals.



2 organic multi grain frozen waffles with natural pub & jelly (sandwich style), banana, skim milk & vitamins ( women’s one a day, fish oil & B12)



You will see some variation of this salad again- it is my favorite. Delicious & filling. Organic spring mix, organic garbanzo beans, green olives, goat cheese, walnuts, honey, olive oil, balsamic vinegar, fresh ground pepper)


Afternoon Snack


Cheese stick & 2 clementines



Homemade chilli (recipe to come soon) with 2% cheese, sour cream & a few organic blue corn tortilla chips



I am really going to focus on cutting fake sugars out of my diet. I have drastically reduced the amount of them I consume but they end up in packaged snacks and beverages from time to time. My diet is fairly “clean” & I am not sure why I still allow this crap in it. Truthfully, artificial sweeteners are bad news & I really need to work on this. It is kind of the final challenge in a real food diet for me.

Weekly Weigh In

I did not make my weekly WW meeting last night due to a headache so no weigh in results this week. I am back on track & even exercising daily so I’m hoping to reach the 10lb mark next week!

How is your week in healthy living going?


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