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The Skinny Rules. February 19, 2013

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Most of us know Bob Harper as the trainer on the Biggest Loser. While I do not advocate dropping so much weight so fast thru such extreme means, there is still a lot of good advice to  be gained from watching the hit show. So when I saw Bob Harper’s book The Skinny Rules on the shelf at the library, I had to check it out. As expected, there was a lot of good advice in the book. Much of it was pretty common knowledge to anyone trying to lose weight in a healthy way, a few things were new ideas to me.


Before even starting to try to lose weight recently, I did half (ten) of these things on a regular basis.

#2- I rarely drink my calories. My go to beverage is water. Occasionally I drink coffee with creamer and sugar and I certainly enjoy a glass of wine or a cocktail when the mood strikes. I never drink juice, soda or sweetened beverages of any kind.

#3,5,14, 17- When preparing meals, I am sure to get a good combination of protein & fiber. I also focus on including vegetables, fruits, whole grains and lean protein into every single meal. I always eat a good, nutritionally complete breakfast. It is the easiest meal of the day for me.

#4- I gave up refined grains years ago. I buy all 100% whole grain products- bread, pasta, flour etc

#8- I started reading food labels in high school and never dropped the habit. I read food labels more for ingredients than nutrition information these days but it is something I do without even thinking about it.

#12- I eat meatless several meals a week. I eat a lot of eggs and beans. My dinners  include meat most nights but my other meals usually do not.

#13, 15- We eat at home and bring our food for lunch from home 95% of the time. Once every week or two, we will go out for a dinner date. By eating at home, we naturally avoid eating fast or fried food.


Since starting to lose weight, I have started implementing a few more of these “rules”-

#1- Although I have always drank a lot of water, the idea of drinking a big glass right before meals was new to me. It really does help me feel full quicker.

#9- Weighing and measuring things has really helped me lose weight. The foods I am eating have not changed much, but I am much more mindful of the serving sizes. The “free” fruits and veggies on WW makes this less tedious to me than normal calorie counting.

#18- Before starting WW, I would often have a snack in the late evening. Since starting WW, I don’t eat after 7 pm most evenings. I try to have dinner about 6 pm and then close the kitchen down after that.

#20- My weekly splurge meal is usually on the weekend when the honey and I are eating together.  I try to still be mindful of what I am eating, but I do not worry about counting every point.


There are a few that I would like to start implementing in my life-

#6- I eat a lot of fruit these days, but it isn’t necessarily apples and berries. I love them both though and am working on including more.

#7- This is a big one for me. I LOVE carbs. It is a real addiction of mine. I cannot imagine giving them up, but I do see where keeping them at breakfast and lunch makes sense.

#10- My focus is on eliminating artificial sweeteners from my diet

#16 – I also love salt but I am working on reducing the amount I use daily

#19- My sleep schedule is erratic. For weeks, I will sleep peacefully for 8hrs a night and then I am back to sleeping 3-4 fitful hours for a few weeks…. for no reason.  I am working on creating a routine that helps regulate it a bit.



There was only one “rule” that I thought was kind of dumb-

#11- I don’t think it is necessary to eliminate any food from your diet entirely. I think anything can be enjoyed in moderation as part of a healthy lifestyle.


So, what are your thoughts on “The Skinny Rules”? Which ones do you currently follow or would like to try?



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