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Weekly Weigh In, “What I Ate” Wednesday & Some Random. February 20, 2013

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   Today has been an odd day. Most likely because  my interaction with the outside world has been pretty limited for the past 5 days (for no real reason).  One of the two brief journeys to the outside world was  my WW meeting  last night. With Valentine’s day, a stressful week and a tray of cupcakes, I was really just hoping not to gain. I was not meticulous about tracking & I only exercised once so I was really just crossing my fingers and hoping for the best. It worked! I only lost .4, bringing me to a total of 12.2lbs lost. I’m OK with that, but have set a goal to reach 20lbs lost by the end of March, which is totally doable. (The other outing was to buy fruit on Sunday).

  There have been some good eats with all this time spent at home, although many seem to have alluded the camera. I need to get better about that. Anyways, on to the food…



#1- oats in a jar. I made a batch of oats, stirred in a banana & poured it in a mostly empty almond butter jar. The hot oats melted the almond butter stuck on the bottom & sides & everything just got delicious. ( I would not recommend doing this in a plastic jar)
#2- Egg bake (recipe coming Sunday), clementines, zucchini oat muffin



#1- ham,cheese & mustard sandwich, grapefruit & veggies
#2- blue corn tortilla chips, black beans, 2% cheese, avacadoe & salsa. ( this avacadoe managed to be both over and under ripe at the same time & most of it was discarded), served with a whole unpictured grapefruit



#1- Chicken Picatta, Roasted Brocolli & white wine
#2- Homemade Vegan Black Bean Burgers & Salt/Vinegar Fries ( I started eating before I took the photo, there were more fries)

There were some random highlights today

Wearing this poncho that I bought years ago. Nine years ago to be exact. I wore it a few times back then but it’s been about 7 since I wore it. Somehow it has made it thru many many closet clean outs because I knew I would wear it again someday. That day finally came. I’m really into it & can see it making it into regular rotation (sorry for the ramble, fashion is a close runner up to food in my list of loves- people/pets come first, then food followed by fashion)


Another highlight of the day was a delivery from Amazon with these goodies



My french press broke awhile ago & I finally ordered a replacement. She’s bigger & beautiful. This was the last DVD I needed to complete my SATC collection so I was excited about it’s arrival even if I’ve already seen it several times.

She is always a highlight of my day-


Hope you are all enjoying your week so far!


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