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Alcohol. February 23, 2013

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While my life is far different than the alcohol fueled days of my college years thru mid twenties (and the months after my last breakup), I still like to enjoy alcohol on a regular basis. I rarely drink to the point of intoxication these days (except for that month between Thanksgiving and New Year’s this last year), but I have a glass of wine, a dirty vodka martini or a nice dark beer a couple of nights a week. Unfortunately, alcohol is not very weight loss friendly. A 5oz glass of wine (and who only drinks one 5oz glass?) is 4 weight watchers points. I am likely to have more than one because I truly enjoy drinking a glass while I prepare dinner and one with dinner.  That means I am going to use 8 points+ for 2 glasses of wine. That is more than some of my meals and not something that is going to keep me full or add a lot of nutrients to my diet.  I am not even sure how many points are in a dirty vodka martini or a beer.

Since starting WW in January, I have cut way back on my regular drinking. I think I have had two cocktail nights with friends and opened 2 bottles of wine at home. I want to open a bottle of vino every time I have company over or when the weekend hits, but I have realized, I just can’t. Not only does drinking add a lot of excess empty calories to my diet, I am also much more likely to make impulsive, less than healthy food decisions after a couple glasses of wine.  While I do believe that responsible alcohol consumption can be a part of a healthy lifestyle if it is something you enjoy, I just have to be careful at this point in my weight loss journey. I have no intention of giving up alcoholic beverages but I am ok with having to be more mindful and intentional in my consumption of them. It is a sacrifice I can make to reach a bigger goal.



What are some sacrifices you have made peace with in your attempts to live a healthier lifestyle?


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