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March Goals. March 1, 2013

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Let me just say, I am very excited about a new month starting.  February was tough for me in many ways. The dreary winter and being trapped inside is really getting the best of me.  Pile on some personal and financial issues and I am amazed I was still able to make any healthy decisions. Stress usually sends me right towards carbs and lots of naps. So, while I did not do as well as I would have liked in meeting my healthy living goals, I did make some progress and I am happy with that. It is, and always will be, a work in progress.

With a new month starting, I feel like it is a bit of a fresh start. As part of my insane planning nature, I like to reflect and evaluate right before the beginning of each new month. What is working and what is not working? What do I need more of or less of in my life?  What positive changes have I made and what ones can I make? After some reflection, I make a list of goals I would like to accomplish in the coming month. I post the goal list on the bulletin board above my desk and make it a point to look at it often and make small steps towards accomplishing my goals each day. At the end of the month if there are things I have not done, I consider whether or not they are still important to me, and if they are, I just move them onto the next month. In months to come, I will share the reflection process on the blog but since I never shared my February goals, I am just going to start with the ones I have set for March.

1. Reach a 20lb total weight loss- I was down 12.2 at my meeting last week. I did not weigh in this week and may have gained a little, but this is a reasonably attainable goal regardless.

2. Go thru ALL of my clothes and get rid of some, get clothes rotated for warmer weather- yay sundresses!

3. Exercise 20 times (cardio workouts- even just walking)

4. Do yoga 8 times

5. Eat more vegetarian meals (3-5 days a week)

6. Get all the empty cardboard boxes in my basement broken down and recycled

7. Get my garden planning done and seeds ordered

8. Find a part time job/supplemental income to substitute teaching

9. Entertain at my house ( this is a monthly goal)

10. Read 6 books ( I kind of dropped the ball on my reading goals in February and I have some catch up to do)

11.  Figure out some blog things- I got a wordpress for dummies book so hopefully that helps.

12. Make a debt list (this one terrifies me)

13. Make Macaroons

14. Get my driver’s learning permit

15. Be more social ( I get kind of hermit like in the winter and tend to only see a select few people, I miss all the other awesome folks I know) I want to do some kind of socializing at least twice a week, at least one of those people outside my family/best friend.

What would you like to accomplish in March?


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