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Good Health Guidelines. March 2, 2013

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For many people, one of the most appealing things about Weight Watchers is that you can eat whatever you want. There is nothing off limits, you just have to stay within your daily point allowance. You can use those points on whatever foods you choose. If you are choosing healthy foods, you can eat more of them because they have a lower point value, but it is up to you. The freedom to make those decisions is really powerful and helps to keep people following the plan from feeling deprived. That being said, WW does not encourage you to survive on low calorie junk food as long as it fits in your daily points. WW has set some “Good  Health Guidelines” to encourage people on the plan to meet their nutritional goals with mostly healthy, real foods. This was the other thing that was very appealing to me. I have no interest in a diet of nutra sweet filled yogurts and nutrition bars. I believe in real food. I believe it is possible to lose weight and maintain weight loss without that scary junk. I like a plan that encourages that as well.


There is more information on the Good Health Guidelines on the WW website or in the program materials, but here is a little overview-

-They encourage “Power Foods”- food that give you the most “bang for your buck” or satiety for the points value. Fruits and most veggies have 0pts+, so there is no reason not to base your diet on these. Lean proteins, low fat dairy and whole grains are the other “power foods”. They do offer information for alternative diets as well (vegetarian, vegan etc)

-They advise you to drink at least 6 glasses of water everyday

– Taking a multivitamin everyday is part of the guidelines as well

– Consuming 2tsps of  healthy oils daily is also encouraged to ensure you are getting enough Vitamin E and fatty acids

– They advise you to watch consumption of added sugar (in all its forms), salt and alcohol

– Although not technically one of the ” Good Health Guidelines”, WW encourages regular exercise. You can earn “Activity Points” which you can either use by consuming more points on the day you earned them or  decide not to use to accelerate weight loss.
These guidelines for a pretty solid base for building a truly healthy lifestyle.


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