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Sunday Cooking & a Different Kind of Meal Plan. March 4, 2013

Last time I successfully lost weight (40lbs), I always did some prep cooking on Sunday afternoons. This time around, my schedule is much more flexible and open so it didn’t seem as important to get back in the habit. Cooking fresh meals every night is great and works well when I’ve got my shit together. Last week was not a week I had my shit together and it showed in my energy level, sleep habits, food choices, skin & I’m sure it will show on the scale. I did well 2 days & OK another 2 days. The other 3 days were pretty out of control. I ate way too much of foods that are not good for me & didn’t really even taste good. It was emotional eating at its finest.   I knew I was making poor choices but the cycle of exhaustion, poor food choices & poor sleep habits just kept going. Cooking was just not happening. It’s possible that I would have still made poor food choices even with fresh healthy food prepped & ready to go but from experience, I choose healthy food if it’s what is most convenient. 

While I am feeling better this week (mentally), I still wanted to be sure I was prepared to have a better week than last.  There are still some issues to be resolved in my personal life, I have a lot going on this week with birthday’s, events, meetings & work and we never made it out for a regular grocery trip…. all of these factors could make healthy eating more difficult, so I took preventative measures.


After a trip to the produce store (where I scored everything in the pic above for less than $15), I spent a few hours in the kitchen. I ended up with a big mess & the base for several meals and snacks.


– cut red, yellow & orange peppers
– pumpkin pie oat bran ( from Peas & Thank You cookbook)
– tuna & white bean salad with onion, tomatoes & sweet pepper (recipe to come soon). This is intended to be eaten on top of spring mix, with whole grain crackers or on it’s own
– cut up fresh pineapple
– roasted broccoli
– brown rice (some to be used for veggie fried rice)
– cooked, sliced chicken breast (in a delicious Asian inspired marinade I intend to use on salmon later this week and  share the recipe)
– snack bags of single serving size raw almonds

– I also made burgers out of 93% lean organic ground beef and boiled eggs which did not make the picture.

So, while I have some meal ideas in mind, I also have quick grab options for healthy, nutritionally complete meals. I am just going to focus on clean eating this week. No added or fake sugars, no refined carbs. Lots of vegetables, fruit & lean protein. Kind of just a reset week.

What are your strategies for getting back on track?

* I know I mentioned doing a post about some of my favorite cookbooks, but I needed to take the weekend off for mental health reasons. It is in the works 🙂


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