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Meal Plan. March 18, 2013

Filed under: Meal Plan — Jessica @ 6:00 am

What a great week/weekend! The stress at home has passed (for now), I got to see a lot of friends & laughed until it hurt twice! There was a lot of good healthy food, time with my nieces & nephews, job assignments I really enjoyed, good books & inspiration everywhere. Life feels really good right now 🙂

This is actually the first Sunday I have spent in proper fashion in quite sometime. I slept in & woke up to a clean house. Made blueberry peach whole wheat pancakes, bacon & french press coffee for brunch. Started homemade marinara on the stove & curled up in my PJ’s and read Gone Girl on the couch for a couple hours. Plans for the rest of the day include a good dinner, a walk with the pups (it is beautiful out) &  a bubble bath.  I am grateful to be starting the last week before Spring Break feeling refreshed & ready 🙂

Meal plans this week are pretty simple. I am really just concentrating on eating whole foods & building my meals around vegetables, healthy proteins & fruit.

Monday- “Asian” marinated salmon, baked sweet potatoes, broccoli
Tuesday- Italian sausage with onions & peppers in crockpot on whole grain rolls
Wednesday- Carrot ginger soup & oatmeal scones
Thursday – leftovers
Friday- Pork Chops, garlic greens & roasted red potatoes
Saturday- Dinner at my brother’s
Sunday- Herb roasted chicken thighs with carrots & potatoes


Enjoy the week ahead!


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