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Weight Loss. April 4, 2013

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Since I decided to shift the focus of this blog to healthy living, good food & my weight loss journey awhile back, I figured I’d update you all on that. Due mainly to my Weight Watcher buddies deciding to discontinue the program for various reasons, I decided I would also. When I first left the program, my intention was to follow it on my own…. counting points, tracking etc. Not surprisingly, that is not what happened. There has not been a single day that I have tracked points or written down anything I’ve eaten, but I have stuck with many of the same principals/routines of the program. I have continued to base my meals around vegetables, fruit and lean proteins. I have been smart with my Carb consumption, drank a lot of water, cut out a lot of meat, tried to eat regular meals & snacks and not to eat too late at night. I have also been walking a lot now that it’s been nicer out. My emotional eating habit has gotten the best of me a few times throughout the last few weeks due to stress, but overall I am not doing so bad. I am down another 1-1.5 lbs for a total of about 16lbs. My friends & family that I do not see all the time have noticed a difference in my appearance too. My clothes certainly fit better. So I guess I am just going to stick with what I have been doing- eating whole healthy food, getting some exercise & forgiving myself when the emotional eating gets the best of me. The guilt & shame that come with binges often just create the emotions that lead to another binge & I need to break that cycle. It will be a slow but sustainable process of weight loss & I am OK with that as long as I continue to feel healthy & strong. I will continue to weigh myself once a week (on my pretty, new & accurate scale) just to be sure I am not getting too far off track. I will report my successes (& possible failures) periodically. Weight loss is really just a benefit of healthy living for me.

Speaking of healthy living, I had a physical last Monday & I am happy to report that I am in great health. Despite knowing I live(and have always lived) a pretty life, I am still always concerned about diabetes & high cholesterol but my levels are all on the low side of normal which makes me very happy.


A good little reminder 🙂


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