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Monday Meal Plan and Grocery Haul. November 3, 2014

I think I may start making this a weekly post. I am always fascinated by other peoples grocery hauls and meal plans. I figure I can’t be the only one since there are hundreds of videos of them on youtube.

My grocery planning and shopping methods have been talked about before in this post and this post. This is actually maybe not the best time to start sharing since I  broke the normal routine/budget, but it happens. I usually make two detailed  lists- one for Aldi and on for Wegmans. I did that this month too, but then we ended up at a different grocery store with a friend and accidentally spent $100. I do not do well with breaking the routine when it comes to staying on a budget. This is why I like to do the once a month shopping and stay out of stores as much as possible besides that.  I still made it to Aldi and picked up most of what was on the list but there will definitely be another major haul this month, instead of the usual one big haul and weekly produce trips. I spent about $200 (+ $30 in beer) on this trip and will likely spend another $150-$200 finishing up at Aldi and getting meat and a few other staples at Wegmans in a couple of weeks.


First, the meal plan~

Monday- crockpot sweet and sticky ribs, a new butternut squash experiment I hope to share soon, sauteed zuchinni

Tuesday- (my partner  is cooking) baked chicken with sazon, yellow rice & red beans, pan fried plantains

Wednesday- homemade chicken pot pie (previously made and frozen)

Thursday-  My salmon patties, baked sweet potato fries, roasted broccolli

Friday- Leftovers ( I am getting drinks with friends and my partner is working until 9)

Saturday- Leftovers again

Sunday- Spaghetti with meat and veggie sauce


*Friday and Saturday are often leftovers  due to our schedules and the need to eat up all the food we have cooked


On to the groceries-



Meat- ( I buy most of our meat at Wegmans and did not get there this trip, We have a lot of meat  in our freezers already)

~ chicken sausage

~ pepperoni (for pizza)

~ turkey breakfast sausage

~ whiting filets

~ a giant pack of ribs (got a great deal on this)

~ bacon




Cheese/Dairy – (We have a bit of a cheese problem.)

~ cream cheese- for some dessert recipes I have been dreaming up

~ cottage cheese (we eat this in lunches a lot)

~ plain greek yogurt

~ feta, blue and gorgonzola cheese crumbles

~ freshly grated Parmesan

~ lots of sharp cheddar cheese

~ honey goat cheese

~ apple cinnamon goat cheese (this was really cheap so I thought I’d try it)

~ fontina

~ mozzarella

~ cheesesticks

~ butter

~ desserts (this was something new that I picked up because it was a really good deal, not the most “real food” but sometimes it is nice to have a quick dessert on hand)

~ empanada shells (not dairy but made it in this picture for some reason)

~ frozen sushi (not sure how this will be, but it was relatively inexpensive and I love sushi, so I wanted to try it- also not dairy)





~ gluten free cake mix (for a recipe experiment)

~ gluten free brownie mix & regular brownie mix

~ sugary cereal (for the honey)

~ pb granola

~ gluten free pretzels

~ gluten free crackers

~ blue corn tortilla chips

~ gf pizza crust mix

~ pretzel chips

~ dry roasted peanuts





~ sourdough bread

~ gluten free whole grain bread

~ green peppers

~ asparagus

~ 2 bags of red onions

~ mushrooms

~ artichokes

~ brussel sprouts

~ pomegranate

~ lemons

~ 2 avacados

~ grapefruit

~ celery

~ carrots

~ plantains

~ bananas

~ clementines

~ broccoli




Pantry items~

~ black olives

~ coconut butter

~ maple syrup and a couple of flavored syrups (I am going to have a pancake brunch for friends soon)

~ canellini beans

~ Goya rice

~ olive oil

~ honey

~ parsley

~ basil

~ sea salt

~ taco seasoning

~ sofrito

~ hot sauce

~ ranch

~ canned peaches

~ canned corn





~ Pumking and Warlock (YAY!!!!)

~ Red Stripe

~ grape ginger ale

~ seltzer


So, that’s it. Some of this stuff was definitely outside the normal for us but a lot of the usual. I will be posting weekly meal plans so you can see how I use some of the items. Most of my weekly hauls will not be so huge and will likely be shared in one picture.

What tips and tricks do you use for grocery shopping?


8 Responses to “Monday Meal Plan and Grocery Haul.”

  1. Eden Says:

    I’m always interested in whether people buy all their groceries once during the week or throughout. Can’t wait to see your meal plans. I find when I make a big purchase at the beginning of the week, plans change and food goes to waste. I’d be interested in tips you have for preventing food waste.

    • Jessica Says:

      I actually like to shop in one big trip a month and then weekly trips to the store for fresh produce and milk. It takes a lot of planning but it saves us a lot of money.

      My biggest tools in not wasting food are really good planning and freezing. I consider our schedule, other plans etc when doing our meal plan each week and I plan for leftovers at least twice. I also plan to use items that go bad quickly at the beginning of the week because they need to be used quick and I am also much more likely to be sticking to the plan at the beginning of the week. I do a lot of prep cooking on Sunday afternoons so that things are as easy as possible during the week. I like to have things as ready to go as possible so dinner requires very little hands on time on busy nights which also helps me stick to the plan.

      As far as freezing goes, we have a chest freezer in the basement and most things can be frozen pretty easily. Just google how to freeze something if you are unsure. Many prepared dishes are easy to freeze. I always freeze half a batch of soup as soon as it is cool enough to put in the refrigerator because I know we won’t eat it all before it goes bad. I make leftovers soup or leftovers salad for lunch quite often with just whatever needs to be used up. We don’t buy a lot of lunch specific foods because we usually just eat dinner leftovers.

  2. I am ALWAYS checking out other people’s carts when I’m in line at the grocery store!

  3. momofawesome Says:

    Love this! I’m totally going to start doing this when I get home. Maybe people need tips on shopping vegan & organic? And about Friday, oh boy do I need that drink. Can’t wait to spend some time with you guys. ❤

    • Jessica Says:

      I actually find it extra fascinating to see what vegans eat. I was vegan for quite awhile and always struggled with feeling like I had a complete meal without using meat substitutes, so I like to see how others do it! I just mix the organic stuff in with the other stuff because I have talked about my organic buying habits in other posts. I would love to see your meal plans and grocery hauls when you get settled again. I also can’t wait until Friday!!!!!!

  4. Please keep posting this type of post. I also love to see what other people are buy/making. Thanks for sharing

    • Jessica Says:

      Glad you enjoyed it! I am more than happy to keep sharing these kinds of post. They are one of my favorites when others do them 🙂

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