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" I feel there is nothing more truly artistic than to love people" ~Van Gogh

Sunday Reading. November 9, 2014

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Happy Sunday! This has been one hell of a week for me. Lots of outside stress making its way into my life, getting sick and having to work all weekend have been cause for a very emotional and exhausting week. Some weeks are just like that I suppose. I stayed away from world issues in the news this week because I just needed to, and I really just can’t even talk about what happened in the elections this week, but I still managed to round up some good, fun and useful links for you.. Hope you enjoy a link or two with your morning cup of coffee or afternoon tea. I am going to make a delicious brunch and drink some coffee before heading into work this afternoon. Hoping for a better week ahead!



I am always working to be my best self and to reach the many goals I have set for myself.  According to this article I am doing what I need to do to fulfill my dreams. I agree that the habits mentioned in this post are essential for both success and happiness.

According to this article, drinking a glass of red wine is just as beneficial as a trip to the gym. I can get on board with that.

In line with the Fed Up movie I talked about last week, this article talks about a family’s personal experience of giving up sugar for a year. I am planning to  do some kind of “sugar fast” after the holiday season passes.

My sweet pup Emma was a Rottweiler and I found nothing more frustrating than people fearing her simply because of her breed. She was seriously the sweetest dog ever. Pitt Bulls are the new Rottweiler and this blog post discusses why discriminating based on breed is unhelpful and even harmful at times.

Yes Olivia! You are so right. The problem with calling a woman a Bitch.

Body confidence is work in progress for me. I love all the body positive talk and advertising that is going on these days. I also love when women stand up and say something to the advertising that does not represent the wide range of healthy and beautiful bodies out there.

After reading this article, I am rather happy that giving up gluten took care of the issues I was having because I can not imagine trying to give up all the other stuff on this list. I don’t even know what I would eat. Giving up gluten (for the most part) doesn’t seem so bad after all.

Yet another frequent discussion in the world of feminism~ sexual objectification or sexual empowerment?

This just seems like good info to have for those times when you just can’t find a cork screw.

Families come in all shapes and sizes and I loved this piece of public art representing that.

There is so much information out there supporting the correlation between diet and education/economic status. This article shows that the divide begins as infants and continues throughout life.

I read this awhile ago but just came across it again. Great article about why so many children are struggling these days and the increase of ADHD diagnosis. My teacher friends and I discussed this article at length when I first read it and we really couldn’t agree more.

Have a great week! Meal plan and grocery haul coming tomorrow!


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