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Sunday Reading. November 16, 2014

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It was another rough week around here. I ended up getting really sick- Bronchitis with early stage pneumonia exasperated by asthma and a sinus infection. It has not been fun. It actually started last week and I pretended I would just get better with rest and lots of healthy food, but I did not. I ended up in the ER Wednesday night because I was having a lot of trouble breathing.  Four hours, two breathing treatments and four prescriptions later, I was on my way home to get better. I am still not 100%, but I do feel much better. Needless to say, I spent a lot of time on the internet this week while home sick. I came across some good stuff and I’m here to share it with you. Grab your coffee, get cozy and enjoy!

Oh, and this happened~




~ I love to entertain and don’t do it nearly enough. While planning the pancake party I am having today (Sunday), I came across this list of essentials for entertaining at home. Good to know I am prepared.


This is so cool. I want to go to the Netherlands just to ride my bike on this path. Magic.


~ I was not in the least bit interested or concerned when I heard about the Kim Kardashian photos that hit the internet this week. I am still not concerned about the photos, but I am concerned about the things people are saying about these photos- especially women. This lady summed my thoughts up just about perfectly.


~ I’ve always wanted to meditate but have never had much luck in the traditional sense. This article reassured me that my own practices are just as beneficial as a more traditional approach.~ ” Now each morning I sit in my backyard with a cup of coffee and daydream about things that make my heart feel like a balloon. It’s not the meditation I had once anticipated, but it’s made all the difference in my day.”


~ “With no offense to the word balance, I feel that that is a word that we have to be careful of lately because I think it’s become another tool in the arsenal that women especially are using against themselves as one more thing they’re not doing right,”. I could not agree more Elizabeth Gilbert.


~ I volunteer at our local farmers market and I have seen how great this program is first hand. So happy to see it is a program opening up in more and more areas. It helps get healthy, local food into the hands of people who can’t always afford them and it boosts sales for local farmers. It’s a win win situation.


~ Despite living a pretty active and healthy lifestyle, I have always been “overweight”. I have heard all of these judgments/arguments at one time or another. This article really helps put some things in perspective for those who still think “fat shaming” or any kind of “shaming” of another’s body is okay.


~ I love Jesus, but I have yet to find a church I am comfortable in. I’m okay with that for the most part, I believe your spiritual journey is your own and absolutely unique for everyone, but I do sometimes long for the fellowship and community that I remember from church as a child. There are lots of great Christians out there, but there are also a lot of terrible people defending hatred and harm in the name of their god. I just can’t get down with that.


~ Although I am not sure I could ever really do it, I love the tiny house movement. I have spent countless hours reading and watching videos about it. The idea of only having enough space to have the things you really need appeals to the part of me who spent many summers following bands around the country and living out of a car.


~ I love this guy and I am glad to so many people are outraged about his repeated arrests for feeding homeless people. The fact that he chose to continue doing so is one of the many reasons that I am so in love with this world. So many good, kind, loving people out there.


~ Whether you agree with him or not, I just can’t understand the level of disrespect people have towards our President. He is not responsible for every single problem ever. Many of the problems we have in this country started long before this Presidency and he has actually done quite a bit of good. There are valid reasons and concerns, but I think a lot of people are just caught up in the “Anti- Obama frenzy” and so few people are even paying attention to the facts anymore.


Happy Sunday!


2 Responses to “Sunday Reading.”

  1. The double bucks program is awesome, we’ve used it before! I’ll have to see if they have it in Florida. Tiny house movement, yay! Did you see my posts about that recently? And yeah, the Obama thing is ridiculous. I think a lot of it still stems from racism. Old white racists. But that could be my personal take of it lol. Love these Sunday posts. 😀

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