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Pancake Party. November 22, 2014

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I love to entertain but often overwhelm myself with elaborate (and expensive) plans and it dulls the fun. I decided I wanted to have a few people over for a simple Sunday brunch last weekend. I have never really considered entertaining on a Sunday before, but it worked out quite perfect for this. My normal cleaning day is Saturday, so the house was already cleaned and there was no extra stress there.  We always have Sunday brunch anyways, so it wasn’t anything out of the normal routine. It was brunch, so our guests left mid afternoon and we still got to enjoy our Sunday at home together. It was the most stress free entertaining I have ever done.


*there was more bacon, I just couldn’t make people wait any longer and wanted a picture of everything.




The night before, I prepped everything I could. I made the oj, chilled the champagne, got the coffee ready and put butter in the butter dish. I put plates, a mason jar with silverware, cups, napkins, syrups, serving dishes and anything else I could out on the counter. The morning of the party, I just had to turn on the coffee pot, cut up the pineapple, mix up the mimosas, put bacon in the oven and cook pancakes.




I kept the menu simple~ pancakes with butter and a variety of syrups, bacon, sausage, fresh fruit, mimosas and coffee. The bacon was cooked in the oven so I didn’t have to tend the sizzling skillet. Pancakes are very easy to make on my electric skillet and I just made a giant pitcher of mimosas, so there was little hands on work while the guests were here.






I set up a drink station area with coffee, mimosas, cups, coffee mugs, creamer, sugar and a box of tea & hot chocolate in case someone wanted them. Plates, napkins, silverware, syrups and all of the food went in another area.




This was also the cheapest party I have ever had~ It cost me about $25 to feed 8 people brunch (including champagne)!


I will definitely do another low key Sunday gathering of friends. Maybe I will make a bit pot of soup and some fresh bread next time.


What is your favorite way to entertain?  Do you keep it low key or go all out? What is your favorite thing to share with guests?


6 Responses to “Pancake Party.”

  1. What a neat idea! Now I am craving some good breakfast food!

  2. this was a great post! i love entertaining for brunch but it can get pricey. This was great!

  3. i don’t think i’ve ever even entertained – but the food looks SO good! 😀

  4. How fun! We have waffle parties with our family every Sunday! Whoever wants waffles can just come on over! But we don’t have all of these other fancy fixings! 😉

  5. Cheshire Cat Says:

    I love prepping it all the night before too! We do alot of breakfasts also because it’s so much more affordable.

  6. I’ve honestly never tried oven roasting bacon. I def need to try it

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