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See You In The New Year! December 17, 2014

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Hi guys!

I see you are still stopping by and I so appreciate your visits! I am sorry that I have not had much new content up. As I talked about in my last post, I was just unprepared to keep up with blogging, real life responsibilities and the holiday to do list. I have been writing some posts and I have some things lined up for the new year. I even wrote a few posts to publish next December!!!! They were posts I wanted to do this year but just didn’t get up in time. Thanks to the many online resources, I think I have a good plan for the blog in the coming year and I look forward to continuing to share and grow with all of you!

Hope you are having a great holiday season and I will see you January 2nd!



Meal Plan & Grocery Haul. December 8, 2014

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Hello! Sorry I have been MIA.  I really was not prepared for keeping up with blogging around the holidays. It is already a challenge with 2 jobs, a home, a relationship, friends, family, errands etc, but add on all the things that come with the holidays and I dropped the ball. I actually kind of just threw the ball entirely out of bounds. I will be more prepared next year!

On the plus side, I did get a bunch of the holiday stuff done. My shopping is 90% done and I know exactly what I have to buy to finish up. We bought our tree and got it decorated, along with the rest of the house. I figured out what I had and what I needed for wrapping. I even started the Christmas treat making! Once this post is finished, I am going to make myself a cup of candy cane lane tea and watch a Christmas movie.  So happy to finally be feeling festive instead of overwhelmed.

Truthfully, you guys didn’t miss much in last weeks absent meal plan/grocery haul post. I am pretty sure all I bought was some wine and bananas. Our meals were mostly leftovers from the freezer, snacky meals and take out. We both worked a ton last week and there was very little cooking and we really needed to make a trip to the store…

Anyways, we are back on track this week! I made it to the grocery store and carefully planned our meals based on our schedules for the week. Eating crappy last week really took a toll on my energy level and my general mood. I also seemed to have gained a couple of pounds. I am not freaking out about it or anything, and I know this is a terrible time to try to cut back a little on calories, but I am going to try to keep our normal daily meals healthy and enjoy the parties and treats that come with the season.


Here it is~

Monday~ Mustard glazed pork loin chops, roasted fingerling potatoes and brussel sprouts

Tuesday~  Honey soy salmon, baked sweet potatoes, roasted broccoli

Wednesday~ Chicken with brown rice and artichoke heart casserole, salad

Thursday~ Outside In bacon mushroom swiss burgers, baked salt & vinegar fries

Friday~ Date Night

Saturday~ Leftovers

Sunday~ Chicken and broccoli alfredo


Our freezer and cupboards are still pretty full so I focused on produce,  dairy, restocking some basics and the holiday baking while I was shopping.


And the groceries~





~ oranges

~ lemons

~ bananas

~ blackberries




~ red onion

~ sweet potatoes

~ fingerling potatoes

~ red potatoes

~ sliced portabella mushrooms

~ celery

~ cauliflower

~ broccoli

~ spinach

~ 2 tubs spring mix

~ 4 green peppers





~ whole milk

~ soy milk

~ half & half

~ parmesan cheese

~ 2 feta cheese

~ cottage cheese

~ greek yogirt

~ cheese sticks





~ bacon (2)

~ breakfast sausage

~ eggs (2)

~ center cut pork chops (2 packs)

We have a lot of meat in the freezer right now, so I didn’t buy much.




Bread Products

~gluten free tortilla

~ gluten free whole grain bread

~ italian bread

~ sourdough bread





~ OJ

~ blueberries

~ strawberries




~ canned pineapple

~ taco shells

~ sea salt

~ gingerbread coffee

~ chopped walnuts

~ roasted almonds

~ ketchup

~ mustard

~ blue corn tortilla chips

~ gluten free crackers

~ granola

~ salsa

~ baking mix



Christmas Baking

~ confectioners sugar (2)

~ brown sugar (2)

~ sugar

~ white chocolate chips (5)

~ milk chocolate chips (3)

~ Andes baking chips

~ Bittersweet chocolate chips

~ yellow cake mix

~ baking soda

~ baking powder

~ cocoa powder

~ heavy whipping cream

~ sweetened condensed milk

~ peanut butter (2)

~ strawberry jam

~ butter (3- salted & unsalted)

~ cream cheese (4)

Unpictured~ 2 bags of flour

* My holiday baking list will be on the blog tomorrow!


Do you plan all of your meals or just dinners? I plan to talk about how I plan for the other meals of the day in the coming weeks and I am interested in knowing how you do it too.