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Motivation. January 3, 2015

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Hopefully you are still going strong on your New Years resolutions since it is only the 3rd, but we all know it can be a struggle a few weeks from now. I thought I would talk a little about motivation today and then reread this when I just don’t want to get out the yoga mat or chop up those vegetables late January. Just kidding, I always want to chop up vegetables, I just don’t always want to eat them. I have quite the bag of tricks when it comes to getting and keeping myself motivated. Motivated is my happy place and I try to stay there.


Here are my top 10 “tricks” for staying motivated~

1. Make lists. Lots of lists. I make lists of what vegetables are in the refrigerator, healthy snacks, what workouts I can do at home, reasons why I want to make healthy decisions, things that make me happier than sitting on the couch watching my SO play Grand Theft Auto etc. I never have an excuse if I have a list. I don’t even have to think about anything, I just have to look at the list.

2. Go out for coffee with a friend. It can be a really motivated friend but it doesn’t have to be. I find leaving the house and chatting for an hour or two super motivating, even if all we talked about were the sales at the mall. I always come home ready to “jump in” and get some things done.

3. Set a timer. When I REALLY don’t want to clean the house, I do “power hours” where I set the timer for 1 hr and just go. I get as much as I can done in that hour. Racing the clock becomes a game for me and I usually get A LOT done. It doesn’t have to be for an hour, it could be 15 minutes or whatever works for you. When I use this method for exercise, I usually set it for 15 minutes. I find once I am going, I will usually just keep going until I am done. If I decide I’m really not into it after the timer goes off, I just stop, knowing I at least tried.

4. Prepare ahead of time. This kind of follows the no excuses theme of making lists. I pick out outfits, lay out workout clothes, put my workouts in my planner, prepare healthy food, set up social dates, write down a budget, plan meals etc every Sunday afternoon. This whole thing takes about 2-3 hrs but none of it is very intensive and it saves me lots of time and stress during the week. I usually do my shopping on Saturday afternoons (with a well thought out and detailed list) so I don’t have to worry about running out of things I need during the week.

5. Write your goals down and post them someplace you will see them all the time. I actually write them down in 2 places~ one for my bulletin board at home and a “to go” version for my purse.

6. Take a break. Sometimes you really just need to relax, just set limits on it. Don’t let watching an episode of your favorite show turn into a Netflix marathon (been there, done that far too many times myself). If you know you are likely to get sucked into something, pick a different relaxing activity. Drinking a mug of tea and reading a magazine is really restorative at times and takes an hour or less. Get up and get going after you have allowed yourself the time to relax.


7. Find a support group of people working towards the same things. The internet is good for many things and finding like minded communities of people is at the top of that list for me. It is nice to have a place to share your successes and vent your frustrations with people who are experiencing many of the same things. It is also great to learn from these people.

8. Listen to music. I find few things more motivating than music. It gets me up and going every time.

9. Write in a journal. Journaling often works for me when I am feeling stuck or frustrated in some way. I find writing it out tends to clear my head and allow me to continue working towards what I want.

10. Go for a walk. Fresh air & sunshine are always motivating. Even a walk around the block can give you the little boost you need to get going.


11. I thought of a bonus that I think you will like~ read blogs that pertain to whatever you are working on. I always find it motivating to read about the awesome things other people are doing… it reminds me that I really *can* achieve whatever it is I want because others already have.

I have some other tips and tricks I use from time to time, but these are generally the most effective.

What methods do you use when you need to get yourself motivated?


6 Responses to “Motivation.”

  1. momofawesome Says:

    Great list! I try to do all of these things but I have to get myself motivated to do them, which becomes the hard part. I’m failing miserably so far this year, but I still have high hopes I’ll get into a groove soon lol.

  2. Melanie Says:

    Great list! Thanks for the ideas!

  3. I’m a list maker too – it’s the only way I can keep on track. Also for trying to lose weight – I will try on something that is too small and work towards getting it to fit. Great list!!

  4. I keep hearing about setting a timer. I should probably try that! Thanks for the tips.

  5. Such a thoughtful list, thank you! Motivation has always been hard for me. I procrastinate forever until I end up self-sabotaging and of course that leads nowhere pleasant. Setting a timer is a good idea I should try.

  6. Ronda Says:

    My goal is to be friendlier, but some of my friends should follow because they return calls hours later, lol

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