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Monthly Grocery Haul. January 7, 2015

The last two months have been a little crazy in the grocery shopping department. I spent significantly more than usual because I was at the store more than usual (and because of things like Christmas baking). Now that the new year has come, I am trying to get myself back on track with one big grocery haul a month and a mid month produce/dairy run. I have also increased our budget a little bit because the price of food continues to rise. I used to aim for about $300-$350 a month and I am now budgeting for $400 a month. Still not bad for 2 adults with a commitment to eating real food from home 3 times a day. I spent about $330 between Wegmans and Aldi this round, so that leaves me about $70 for the rest of the month.

Here it is~


 Pantry Items/Staples~

* I like to replace my spices once a year and this was the beginning of that. I start with my most often used ones and usually replace the others as I need them. I always write the month and year purchased on them with sharpie.

~ Beans (Great Northern, Cannelini, Refried (accidentally fat free :()

~ Enchilada Sauce

~ Roasted  Red Peppers

~ Olives (Kalamata, Green, Black)

~ Organic Broth (2 chicken, 1 Beef)

~ White Vinegar

~ Canola Oil

~ Olive Oil

~ GF Baking Mix

~ GF Corn Bread Mix

~ GF Penne

~ Taco Shells

~ Spaghetti Sauce (2)

~ Salsa

~ Alfredo Sauce

~ GF Panko

~ Chocolate Syrup

~ Strawberry Fruit Spread

~ Peanut Butter

~ Green Chiles

~ Vanilla Extract

~ Spices (sea salt, black peppercorns, garlic salt, cumin, chilli powder, onion powder, onion soup mix)



~ Oranges

~ Pineapple

~ Pears

~ Grapefruit

~ Lemons

~ Blueberries*

~ Blackberries*

* I don’t normally buy fresh berries in the winter but I was seduced by them after a month of poor eating habits and lack of produce. Hopefully they are good.



~ Baby Bella Mushrooms

~ Zucchini

~ Shallots

~ Garlic

~ Cucumber

~ Avacado

~ Romaine Lettuce

~ Spring Mix

~ Grape Tomatoes

~ Green Onions

~ Red Onions

~ Sweet Potatoes

~ Red Potatoes

~ Orange/Red Peppers



~ Flour Tortillas

~ Rice Cakes

~ Everything Bagels

~ GF Bread

~ Italian Bread (2)

~ Garlic Rosemary Crackers

~ CrunchMaster Crackers ( I was just going to buy a regular package but I couldn’t pass up the deal on this big pack~ 20 oz for $7.49 when it is regularly $2.99 for 4.5 oz and luckily, I love crackers)

~ Almonds (I accidentally bought the salted ones again. I really don’t know how. I remember specifically picking out unsalted ones :/)


~ 12 pack of Sprite (My partner has been buying soda from the vending machine at work everyday lately, so I caved and bought some for her to take with her because it is much cheaper overall this way)

~ Bota Box Redvolution (Bota Box is the only boxed wine I will drink… It is quite good)

~ Whole Milk

~ Espresso Roast Coffee Beans

~ Earl Gray Tea (decaf by accident)

~ Case of Bottled Water (unpictured)



~ Goat Cheese

~ Ale House Cheddar

~ Parmesan wedge

~ Brie

~ Fresh Mozzarella (2)

~ Ricotta

~ Cottage Cheese

~ Cheese Sticks

~ Cheddar Cheese (2)

~ Peppercorn Feta

~ Blue cheese crumbles

~ Greek Yogurt (plain and individual cups)

~ Butter



~ Ribeye Steaks (2)

~ Breakfast Sausage (2)

~ Ground Beef (3 1lb packages)

~ Salmon Filets

~ Boneless Skinless Chicken Breasts (10)

~ Chicken Drumsticks (2 packages)

~ Chicken Thighs

~ Boneless Center Cut Pork Chops (2 packs)

~ Bacon (2)

~ Tuna (4)

~ Eggs (2)


Frozen Food~

~ Broccoli (3)

~ Green Beans (1)

~ Lemon Sorbet

~ Orange Juice (4)

~ Scallops

~ Waffle Cut Sweet Potato Fries

~ Sliced Strawberries

~ Fish Sticks and Tator Tots (per the gf’s request- she does really well with eating whatever I decide is on the menu, but likes to have a junky quick option on hand just in case)

As you can see, we are pretty well stocked for awhile. I am feeling inspired to cook again and I always eat healthier and feel better when I am doing so!

Do you grocery shop daily? Weekly? Monthly?


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