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Menu Plan & Weekly Intentions 1/12/14. January 12, 2015

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Hi guys! Hope everyone is staying warm and cozy. It is COLD around here, -2 this morning before the wind chill factor. I have been staying close to home. I really like home so I have enjoyed it and I have had time to get some extra cleaning /organizing projects done.

This week is my birthday week, so the menu plan has a lot of celebratory meals/dinners out. I am going to try to keep it light on the other nights (besides Sunday because we always have a hearty meal on Sunday) to compensate a little for the richness of the festivities.


Monday~ BBQ Baked Chicken Thighs, Garlic Butter Zucchini “Noodles”

Tuesday~ (my actual birthday) The GF and I are going to try out the new Asian Fusion restaurant in town.

Wednesday~ Honey Pecan Pork Chops (lean center cut), Acorn Squash, Green Beans

Thursday~ (I work late) Chicken Sausage, Baked Sweet Potato Fries, Salad

Friday~ I am having some ladies over for snacks and wine. I will just make a meal out of that.

Saturday~ Going to Forte for appetizers and cocktails with my Sister and Best Friend and then to see Gone Girl at the Reg Lenna

Sunday~ Lasagna & Salad


I did pretty good with the goals I set last week. I did not stick to my workout plan but I did make it a point to be more active in general and I got in a few actual workouts. At home date night did not happen due to scheduling. We have not had the same evening off at all this week. The rest went pretty well. We did a great job at eating in all week and getting lots of produce in. Lots of blog work and organizing was done. Some of my goals/intentions for this week are the same as last week and I added a couple of new ones.

This week I will be working on the following~

~ Plan specific workouts and stick to the plan

~ Finish up my paper project and get everything filed (I am so close to done with this)

~ Relax and enjoy the festivities of Birthday Week!

~ Continue to work on Closet Clean Out project

~ Have my girlfriends over for snacks/wine without having a panic attack about the house etc

~ No TV if I am home during the day. This was an issue for me last week when I was home so much.

~ Continue to learn about and network for this blog.

What is your favorite way to celebrate your birthday?


2 Responses to “Menu Plan & Weekly Intentions 1/12/14.”

  1. Lindi Says:

    Great job! I’m starting meal planning soon too! It’s a bit daunting. This is a great start! I don’t always celebrate my birthday the same way, but usually it involves seafood of some sort 🙂
    Lindi @

  2. lindivs Says:

    This is a great start to meal planning! I’m planning to start soon too – very daunting task! Also, for my birthday, I don’t always celebrate the same way, but it usually involves seafood (my fav!).
    Lindi @

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