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Exercising Without a Gym. January 16, 2015

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Winter is always a struggle for me when it comes to getting in some exercise~ especially since I quit the gym a year or so ago. Summer is easy, I enjoy walks after dinner, kayaking on the weekend and early morning hikes with friends. I am also just generally more active in the summer~ working on projects, gardening, playing outside with the pup or the children in my life, walking to do my errands etc.

Winter is an entirely different story. I would be quite content to sit on my couch and watch all seven seasons of Gilmore Girls over the winter months. I live in Western NY and it is pretty COLD out there from November until March. This winter has been a little different, but I think the cold may have finally come to stay. It is about 3º out there as I write this. Since outdoor activities are not an enjoyable option, I have to rely on exercises I can do in my house. Luckily, there are a lot of possibilities.

I made a list of workouts that do not require the gym and posted them on the giant bulletin board above my desk (aka- Command Central). These are not all winter appropriate, but still full of usable ideas.


1. Yoga (videos, podcasts, online videos, practice on my own)

2.  Exercise video (My own collection, rental, internet)

3.  Go for walk/hike

4. Pinterest workouts

5. Kayak (obviously not seasonally appropriate, but a good option otherwise)

6. Dance!

7. Combination of exercises (I have since added boxing, biking and stair running/climbing to this list for more cardio)


A few tips for exercising at home~

1. Plan for it. Write it into your schedule or make it part of your routine just like you would a trip to the gym.

2. Figure out what part of the day you are most likely to exercise in. I like to pretend I will exercise after work, but once the day gets started, it easily falls off the priority list. I need to exercise first thing in the morning before I have time to get distracted.

3. Have your exercise clothes/shoes ready to go. Sleep in your workout clothes or at least keep them by the bed or in the bathroom so you can easily throw them on in the morning.

4. Keep any exercise equipment together and easy to access. I have a basket behind the couch. I keep all of my videos, weights, ball, yoga mat etc in it. If equipment is hard to get to or hard to find, you are much less likely to use it.


5. If you are exercising first thing in the morning or right after work, a little snack helps. I like a piece of fruit, a cheesestick or almonds to fuel my workout.

6. Make sure you have everything you need before you get started and minimize distractions. I leave my cell phone in the other room and I make sure I have the following before I get started~ water bottle, towel for sweat, any equipment I plan to use and my i pod with a kick ass playlist.

7. Have a kick ass playlist. Most likely more than one so you have something appropriate for a variety of workouts.

What are your favorite at home workouts? How do you stick to an exercise routine?


4 Responses to “Exercising Without a Gym.”

  1. taravdunn Says:

    Great tips. I prefer working out at home, but it can get tricky, being that you’re already home you can find yourself pushing it aside for other tasks or nothing at all!

  2. Jessica, I need to plan for exercise too I have a busy schedule ; I enjoy walking . Great article.

  3. Leilani Says:

    I love my gym and my classes but your setup looks fun and engaging. If it were 3 degrees outside, I’d need a plan B, too!

  4. These are some really great tips for at-home workouts. I started making this my workout regimen. Today was the first day of Insanity Max:30. In Love. 30 minutes and I don’t need a thing besides a towel and water.

    I love your line-up of DVDs. If we were neighbors I’d have a dance party -er, dance workout with you!

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