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Menu Plan & Weekly Intentions 1/19/15. January 19, 2015

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Hello! I am a little behind this morning, but I figured better late than never. I slacked off a bit last week and enjoyed several celebrations for my 35th birthday. I planned on doing a recap post for all of that, but I didn’t actually take many pictures. I usually don’t take many pictures when I am hanging out with others, I like to just enjoy the moment, but I may have to get a little better about that for blogging purposes. Luckily, I have several other posts planned for this week and hope to post every weekday. Tomorrow is my “35 While 35” list, Wednesday will be the mid month grocery haul, Thursday will be about how I plan for breakfast and Friday is Recipe Day.


Without further ado, here is our menu plan for this week~

Monday~ Lasagna, Salad (We had dinner at my mom’s yesterday and I did not get to make this, so I moved it to today)

Tuesday~ Chicken Piccata, Roasted Green Beans

Wednesday~ Green Chili Turkey and White Bean Enchiladas with Lettuce, Tomato & Avacado

Thursday~ Baked Honey Mustard Chicken, Crispy Salt & Pepper Brussels Sprouts, Baked Sweet Potato

Friday~ Hockey Game Date Night (will eat there)

Saturday~ Pork Chops (not sure how I will prepare them just yet), Maple Dijon Roasted Root Vegetables, Broccoli

Sunday~ Crock pot Chilli, Cornbread

* I just got really excited when I looked at the menu plan as a whole…. so much good food this week 🙂


As far as goals go, I am keeping it pretty simple this week. I have been doing really well at keeping my “resolutions” in mind and making small steps toward those each day. I also did well on the specific goals I set last week. I watched much less TV, I had friends over without a panic attack and I really really relaxed and enjoyed my birthday festivities. I made some progress on my closet and paperwork projects and I read some great posts about blogging and learned a few really useful things. I could have done better in the workout department.

This week is about getting back into my routine and back to a fuller work schedule. I have been pretty relaxed since the holidays (I often carry the holiday feeling through my birthday) and it’s time to get refocused.

1. Use Sunday afternoon for food prep for the week. Get everything possible done so cooking and eating healthy during the week is easy.

2. Exercise at least 3 times (does not include walks to and from work etc that I normally do anyways) and do yoga on Sunday.

3. Get all of my blog papers, ideas, plans and projects organized into one place.

4. Go through 2 sections of my closet ( I divide it by clothing types)

5. Go to church.

6. Begin studying for my Driver’s Permit.

7. Sit down with my partner and go over the budget/make sure we are on the same page.

That’s it!

What is on your menu plan this week? What steps are you taking towards your goals?


2 Responses to “Menu Plan & Weekly Intentions 1/19/15.”

  1. momofawesome Says:

    Great post! Guess what, looks like I’m going gluten free too. Just found out it aggravates ADHD symptoms. Wish I had researched that a long time ago lol.

    • Jessica Says:

      I’ve heard that. I am glad that I am not vegan and gluten free… That seems much harder. Possible, but harder.

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