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February Grocery Haul. February 21, 2015

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As you may have noticed I have been slacking the past couple of weeks, so I am doing some catch up. We only made it to Aldi for groceries this month. I planned to go to Wegmans later but honestly, we have been eating out/ordering in so much that we aren’t even using up the things I already bought fast enough. Next month will be more of a “stock up” month since I did not do much of that this time. Our freezer stock of meat is lower than I like.












~Red and Yellow Onions

~Red Potatoes


~Sweet Mini Peppers


~Green Peppers



~Baby Carrots


~Greek Yogurt Cups

~Whole Milk

~Half &  Half

~Cottage Cheese

~Plain Greek Yogurt


~Parmesan Cheese

~Blue Cheese Crumbles

~Fresh Mozzarella


~Italian Sausage

~Center Cut Pork Chops


~Eggs (2 dozen)

~Breakfast Sausage (2 boxes)

~Bacon (2 packages)

~Ground Turkey

~Whole Chicken

DSC02092Freezer Goods~

~Broccoli (2)

~OJ (4)

~Green Beans


~Canned Salmon

~Corned Beef Hash

~Butternut Squash Soup (2)

~Tomato Soup (2)

~Chicken Broth (2)

~Vegetable Broth (2)

~Peaches (2)


~Mandarin Oranges

~Olive Oil

~Truffle Oil


~Brown Sugar

~Onion Soup Mix


~BBQ Sauce

~Dijon Mustard


~Blackberry Jam


~Steel Cut Oats

~Maple SyrupDSC02106Bread/Carbs~

~Blue Corn Tortillas Chips

~Gluten Free Whole Grain Bread

~Italian Bread (2)

Our total was around $189.00 for the month. Significantly under out $400 a month budget but we have used most of that surplus up ordering food. I am really hoping Spring comes soon and brings its’ usual motivation and energy. I am struggling with both with the sub zero temperatures and days trapped in the house.


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