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March Grocery Haul Part 1- Aldi. March 13, 2015

As I mentioned a few times, this month is a “stock up” month at the grocery store. We still have some money left from February’s grocery budget, but I haven’t even touched that yet, despite doing some major freezer stocking. With warmer weather quickly approaching, Tiffany likes to be ready for grilling season. We are pretty set on regular groceries for the month too, so I am trying to watch for sales and put our extra money towards those items. ( Side Note- Frozen Food Month is pretty much the most unexciting sale ever for me)

I made a trip to Aldi on an unexpected morning off last week. I went to Wegmans over the weekend and I will share that later because it would be a bit too much at once. I am considering doing a video for my meal haul next month. I wasn’t quite organized enough to do so this month.

DSC02174Green Vegetables~


~Brussels Sprouts

~Romaine Lettuce


~Green Onions



~Green Peppers

DSC02171Other Veggies~


~Cherry Tomatoes

~Sweet Potatoes

~Red Potatoes


~White Onion

~Red Onion

~Sweet Mini Peppers




~Mandarin Oranges





DSC02167Pantry Items (1)~

~Dried Fruit (apricots, mixed berries, cranberries). I am going to make some homemade trail mix.

~Taco Seasoning


~Croutons (to encourage my partner to eat more salad)

~Diced Tomatoes (6)

~Canned Peaches (2) (for my partner)

~Ravioli (2) (for my partner)

DSC02163Pantry Items (2)~

~Vanilla Extract

~Maple Syrup

~Salt (this was for outside, it is gentler on puppy paws)

~GF Pancake Mix

~GF Cornbread Mix

~Taco Shells

~Spaghetti noodles

~GF spaghetti noodles

~Relish, Olives

~Salt, Pepper, Garlic Salt

~Tri Color Quinoa

~Spaghetti Sauce (2)

~White Wine Vinegar


~Ranch Dressing


~Jasmine Rice (I was super excited to find this at Aldi)

~Instant Brown Rice

DSC02166Bread & Snacks

~GF & Italian Bread

~GF & Regular Tortillas

~Blue Corn Tortilla Chips

~Trail Mix

~GF Brownie Mix

~GF Pretzels

DSC02162Freezer Food~

~Pie Crusts (these were on sale for $.69 and we like to have them around for last minute quiche making)

~Corn, Asparagus, Broccoli, Green Beans

~Orange Juice



~Almond Milk

~Half & Half

~Cottage Cheese

~Plain Greek Yogurt

~String Cheese

*Unpictured- blue cheese crumbles and freshly grated Parmesan


~Breakfast Sausage (I buy a lot of this because we like to have people over for brunch and I find it so much easier to cook sausage for a crowd instead of bacon)

~Bacon (2)

~Corned Beef Brisket

~Eggs (2)

~Ground Turkey (2)

~Italian Sausage

~Cheddar Brats (for the honey who is desperate for grilling season)

~Canned Salmon

~Whole Chicken

~ Bacon Wrapped Beef Filets


One Response to “March Grocery Haul Part 1- Aldi.”

  1. Crafty Coin Says:

    I blog about grocery shopping, too! So fun to see what others are buying 🙂 I have an Aldi near me, but rarely shop there. I might need to this weekend!

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