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Weekly Meal Plan 3/23/15. March 23, 2015

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Happy Monday everyone! (I am constantly fighting the urge to use “y’all”) It is a beautiful day here in Western New York. Cold, but above freezing and super sunny! I am off today after a busy weekend and a busy week to follow. I have a lot to get done- housework, errands, prep cooking, blog posts for the week, paperwork etc.  Motivation is so much easier in the sunshine!

I had a really great weekend. I went to our local Garden Fair and attended some free workshops, grabbed a glass of wine with a friend at one of my new favorite places and went out for dinner at the new Cuban place on Saturday. Sunday, we had another family birthday to celebrate (3 Sundays in a row). My niece turned 4 and we all got together at my mom’s house for a late lunch, cake, ice cream and presents. Unfortunately, I have no pictures to share of any of these adventures. I can take pictures of food, books and cups of coffee all day but I am terrible at remembering to do so when I am out having fun. I get caught up in the actual living of the experience instead of documenting it…. Not really a bad thing at all, but from a blogging standpoint, I am going to work on it.

We did pretty good at sticking with the plan last week. As I said above, I ended up going out to dinner with friends on Saturday but everything else stayed the same. The nachos we didn’t get to last week will make an appearance this week.


Monday~ Meatloaf, Garlic Smashed Potatoes, Green Beans

Tuesday~ Baked Chicken, Rice & Beans, Broccoli

Wednesday~ Loaded Nachos

Thursday~ Leftovers

Friday~ Parmesan Crusted Tilapia, Jasmine Rice, Asparagus

Saturday~ Pork Chops (not sure what I am going to do with them yet), Baked Sweet Potatoes, Kale

Sunday~ Roast Whole Chicken w/ Carrots & Potatoes

We are getting in some hearty home style meals before summer comes and we no longer want to use the oven!

Hope you all (y’all) have a great week!


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