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Weekly Meal Plan 4/6/15. April 6, 2015

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Spring is the only time of year that I check the weather forecast when making my meal plans. The weather is so erratic around here. It can seriously go from 60° in the afternoon to snow in the evenings. We had warm temps, sunshine, rain and snow this past weekend. It’s really hard to know what to wear- especially since I do a lot of walking because I live close to work and downtown. We made the most of it anyways!

We were both off on Friday during the day, so we decided to run some errands- groceries and a little sale shopping. (Those text messages from Old Navy might be a terrible thing for me).After stocking up on groceries at Aldi, we headed to the mall. I picked up a few new Spring/Summer pieces and Tiffany even bought herself an outfit for Easter (she buys most of her clothes online). We decided to make a quick stop into TJ Maxx because we hadn’t been in there in awhile and we picked up the usual random beauties while in there. I strangely never even look at their clothing or purses and only occasionally look at their shoes. I always head directly for the gourmet foods, kitchenwares, home decor and stationary. I am also obsessed with their coffee mug selection. I had actually done a good job resisting the last couple of times because the coffee mug cupboard is full, but I was weak this trip and picked up a new one for the collection. After shopping, Tiffany went to work for the evening and I watched Gilmore Girls on Netflix and drank tea.

We both worked Saturday- me in the morning and Tiff in the evening. We hung out and ate grilled cheese and tomato soup in the afternoon. I spent the evening trying out a new recipe and getting some things done around the house. Sunday was Easter celebrations for us. We started the day out with homemade waffle piled with fruit. Tiff went to her family’s in the afternoon and I stayed home to bake for my family dinner in the evening. I wanted to try out a new recipe from the Joy the Baker cookbook I got for Christmas- the lemon meringue cookies. Because it was a new recipe, I picked an old tried and true favorite as a back up just in case. Well, the new recipe turned out fantastic, the old one- not so much. As I said on Instagram, when life hands you a botched lemon pound cake, make trifle. It was a perfectly delicious disaster. Dinner was nice. We ended up being at my mom’s until 10pm! It was nice to play with the children and to talk and laugh with my family. I am grateful for one last day of Spring Break after the late night and a few glasses of wine!

As far as last week’s meal plan goes, we stayed on track except for Saturday. I had a lot of leftover peppers to use up from Monday’s Veggie Loaded Meat Sauce, so I tried out the oven baked chicken fajitas idea I have been seeing on line. They were so good!


The plan for this week~

Monday~ Chicken Caesar Salads (I’m kind of obsessed with these lately)

Tuesday~ Leftovers

Wednesday~ Salmon Patties, Spring Mix Salads

Thursday~ Coconut Chicken Fingers, Sweet Potato Fries

Friday~ Leftovers or Order Food

Saturday~ BLT’s, Fresh Fruit

Sunday~  Steaks, Stuffed Clams and Asparagus on the Grill (it’s supposed to be warm and not raining)

I enjoyed having some extra time this past week and it was really nice to get to some of the things that I never quite have time for. It’s back to business tomorrow though.

Hope you all had a fantastic weekend!


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