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April Grocery Haul Part 1- Aldi. April 8, 2015

We headed out to the store on Good Friday because I needed a few essentials for my Easter dessert duties. I was nervous about it being crazy but figured it only made sense to do an actual grocery shop if I was going to the store anyways. It wasn’t too bad but I will still try to do my shopping a bit earlier in the week next year.

After some major stock up shopping last month, we didn’t really need too much besides the fresh stuff- produce and dairy. Our chest freezer in the basement is stocked full of meat and our cupboards are nearly bursting open. I work less in the summer (and have less money), so I like to head into the season well stocked.

We are huge fans of grilling and do so 4 or 5 times a week in the summer. For side dishes, we often just throw whatever veggies we have on the grill, but baked beans, pasta and potato salad also make frequent appearances. Many of these are things we can stock up on as well as some condiments, buns and meat. Over the next couple of months I am going to focus on keeping our food supply full and stocking up on some cookout essentials. I started that with this shop.

We also have a fire pit and love to break out the s’mores ingredients whenever we have company.



~ Zucchini

~ Baby Bella Mushrooms (2)

~ Romaine Lettuce

~ Carrots

~ Sweet Peppers

~ Garlic

~ Shallots

~ Green Onions

~ Avacado (2)

~ Sweet Potatoes

~ Red Potatoes

~ Red Onions

~ Yellow Onions

~ Brussels Sprouts

~ Spinach


~ Flour Tortillas (for Fajitas)

~ Crackers from the discount bin

~ Cinnamon Raisin Bread

~ Italian Bread (2)

~ Hot dog and Hamburger Buns

~ Brown Sugar

~ Shredded Coconut

~ Marshmallows


Pantry Items~

~ Gluten Free All Purpose Flour & Regular All Purpose Flour

~ Gluten Free Brownie Mix

~ Graham Crackers

~ Cereal (for the honey)

~ Ketchup/Mustard

~ Salad Dressing (Italian & Caeser)

~ Sunflower Seeds

~ Olive Oil Mayo (love when they have this at Aldi)

~ Olive Oil

~Taco Shells

~ BBQ Sauce

~  Basmati Rice

~ Strawberry Preserves

~ Almond Butter

~ Pickles

~ Olives

~ Salsa

~ Relish

~ Pasta Salad (weird addition from Tiffany)


Canned Goods~

~ Salmon

~ Peaches

~ Baked Beans ( I like to start with the can version and fancy them up)

~ Corned Beef Hash

~ Black Olives

~ Diced Tomatoes



~ Raspberries & Strawberries (used for Easter)

~ Grapes

~ Lemons (used for Easter)

~ Grapefruits

~ Kiwi

~ Cantaloupe



~ Frozen Fruit Bars (these did not make the frozen food picture so I just included them here)

~ Parmesan, Blue and Feta Cheese

~ Greek Yogurt

~ Cottage Cheese

~ Milk

~ Cheese sticks

~ Mango Peach Goat Cheese

~ Spicy Mango Cheddar Cheese

~ Greek Yogurt Cups

~ Half & Half

~ Butter

~ Almond Milk

~ Whipping Cream (for Easter)


Frozen Food~

~ Broccoli (2)

~ Green Beans

~ Mango Chunks (I thought I was grabbing peaches)

~ Mixed Berries

~ Strawberries



~ Bacon (2)

~ Tilapia

~ Ham ( I cut this in half for two dinners and we will likely get a brunch out of each half too)

~ Italian Sausage

~ Cheddar Brats

~ Stuffed Clams (a grilling favorite of ours)

* Unpictured- 2 dozen eggs and 6 steaks

What are some of your favorite warm weather foods?


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