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April Cookbooks. April 24, 2015

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I have done a lot of improvisational cooking this month along with relying on some old favorites.  That doesn’t mean I have not been fully immersed in cookbook reading. I have only made a few recipes from these cookbooks but I have marked so many pages for future use.

I am loving this Supermarket Healthy cookbook my Melissa D’Arabian. It focuses on eating healthy and delicious foods without spending a lot or needing a ton of special ingredients. I have 99% of the ingredients in our kitchen already. This is exactly my style of cooking. I like things that feel a little special and taste really good but can prepared without a lot of time and fuss. Real, healthy food is obviously always a priority for me and this book is full of great ideas. Tilapia in Caper-Tomato Sauce, Kale and White Bean Caesar Salad and the Peach Dutch Baby Pancake are a few of the recipes I can’t wait to try!


The Pollan Family Table was mentioned in a magazine I read a couple of months ago. I needed to check it out immediately. Michael Pollan was a huge influence on my food philosophy. His books were the first books I had ever read about food. This  book was written by the ladies in the Pollan family and contains over 100 of their favorite family recipes as well and kitchen wisdom and the expected Pollan food philosophy. Beyond being useful and inspiring, it is full of gorgeous photos. Key Lime Pie with Walnut Oatmeal Crust, Spanish Tortilla with Spinach and Manchego Cheese and Cheezy Grits are on the short list for a place in my May meal plan.


After making the Lemon~Almond Tilapia from the Seriously Delish cookbook, I got kind of obsessed with the possibilities of almond flour. That is now one of our favorite Tilapia recipes and I knew I needed to explore more almond flour recipes. In the way that it always does, the universe brought The Gluten-Free Almond Flour cookbook across my desk at the library and I had to check it out. This book has recipes for breakfasts, entrees, baked goods and more. I am really excited about the many cracker and bread recipes in this book. You can buy it on amazon for less than $10!


* these are not affiliate links (although I should really look into that), they are just cookbooks I have recently enjoyed and  I wanted to share where you could find them too! You could also check out your local library- it is where all of these came from!


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