The Sweetest Thing.

" I feel there is nothing more truly artistic than to love people" ~Van Gogh

Local Adventures- Reservoir Dogs At Studio Metro. May 8, 2015

If you are a local and have not checked out what is going on at The Spire Theateryou are missing out! The Spire has several different options for performances and events and it is all housed in a beautiful old church. I have seen several plays and musicals there over the last couple of years. Most recently, Tiffany and I went to see Reservoir Dogs in the Studio Metro part of the building. We had seen Twelve Angry Men previously at Studio Metro and we could not wait to see this one. It is one of Tiffany’s favorite movies! Studio Metro’s stage is centered on the floor in the middle of a large room with a variety of seating surrounding 3 sides of it. The stage is at the same level as the chairs and I love being so close to the action.


IMG_0493The play was very well done. The adaptation was written by one of the actors (who I think is only 16!). The casting was perfect and everyone did a great job. It was as well acted as any play I have seen in larger (more expensive) venues! The only remotely negative thing I have to say about the experience is, know what you are getting into! There was an older couple there and the looks on their faces made me think that they had not seen the movie before. There is a lot of offensive language and a bit of gore. Exactly what you would expect if you had seen the movie already!


One of the best things about The Spire Theater is that it makes going to see a play or a musical affordable for everyone. Tickets for this show were only $8 for the early bird special but even regular price, tickets were only $12. I don’t think I have every paid more than $15 for a performance here. These are much more reasonable prices than larger venues, not much more than going to see a movie!

There are snacks too! You can get a real glass of local beer for $3, glasses of wine, real bowls of popcorn, cookies, water etc. (This picture also shows how close we were to the “stage”)


I am just going to leave you with some scenes from the play. If you are bummed you missed it, don’t be! You can still catch it tonight or tomorrow (Friday or Saturday). Seriously, go check it out!!!!





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