The Sweetest Thing.

" I feel there is nothing more truly artistic than to love people" ~Van Gogh

Currently. May 13, 2015

Filed under: random — Jessica @ 7:00 am

I want to start doing “get to know me” or just life in general posts from time to time and this fit the bill perfectly.



Eating~ Nothing at the moment but I just finished the gorgeous Caprese salad above.

Drinking~ Sparkling Water with Lime

Reading~ The Lost Art of Mixing. and One Moment, One Morning. I just started both over the weekend.

Remembering~ My Dad. Today would have been his 54th Birthday but he hasn’t been here to celebrate the last 12. I am remembering all of the laughter and silliness we shared. He was a very goofy and loving man and I am so grateful for all the times I had with him, all the celebrations I was able to share with him and all the love he gave me.

Wearing~ Leggings and a T-shirt. I took a personal day and have enjoyed it snuggled on the couch in my comfiest clothes.

Cooking~ I will be making pork chops, kale pancakes and jasmine rice for dinner in about 2 hrs.

Working On~ I am working on growing this blog. I want to continue the things I have started and expand the content while keeping the quality. I am also working on exercising daily and snacking less. The struggle is real.

Wanting~ A DSLR camera. I just ordered a new computer and it is going to be awhile before a new camera is in the budget.

Feeling~ Grateful for my family, my home, my health and my relationship.

Learning~ Blog Stuff. I had no idea how much more to blogging there was besides just writing posts and hitting publish. I am also learning more about gardening.


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