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Breakfast. May 14, 2015

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You guys get to know pretty much everything we eat for dinner each week through my Weekly Meal Plan posts, but what do I eat the rest of the day? I thought I would do posts on my usual breakfast, lunch and snack choices so you can see how it all fits together. Our dinners can be a bit more indulgent sometimes and I try to balance them out with lighter meals the other nights and healthy breakfast, lunch and snack choices. While I try to add a lot of variety to our dinner menu, I eat only a few different things for the other meals about 90% of the time.

Today, I am talking about breakfast. I actually really love eating a healthy breakfast. It feels like a great start to a day of healthy choices. I will often make up a big dish of something like my Easy Egg Bake, Banana Bread Breakfast Quinoa or Baked Pumpkin Spice Oatmeal and eat it throughout the week. I find it easier not to have to think about it on sleepy or rushed weekday mornings. If I haven’t thought ahead and made a big dish of something, I have a few go-to choices~

1. Oatmeal- I used to eat a lot of steel cut oats  but since cutting back on gluten, I now use the Bob’s Redmill Gluten Free Rolled Oats. I make my oatmeal base with milk replacing at least half of the water called for for some added protein. I also add cinnamon, vanilla extract and just a little bit of salt. (I will occasionally do savory oats and omit the cinnamon and vanilla). I always add fruit- sometimes I will add frozen berries while the oats are cooking, otherwise I top the oats with fresh fruit once they are in the bowl. Sliced bananas, fresh berries or any diced stone fruit all work well. Dried fruit added while the oats are cooking work if you have nothing else. The fiber in the fruit and oats need a little additional fat and protein to keep me satiated. I always top my oats with some diced nuts and a spoonful of nut butter. If I am feeling indulgent I will add things like a little butter or brown sugar, chocolate or white chocolate chips, shredded coconut or whatever else I might find in the cupboard. You can make a big batch of oats over the weekend and reheat by adding a little water and microwaving before adding toppings.


2. Greek Yogurt Bowl- We always have a big tub of plain greek yogurt in the fridge and usually a few flavored single serve tubs of it. If I am using plain yogurt, I will add a bit of honey and vanilla extract. If I am using one of the flavored tubs it isn’t necessary to add these. I top the yogurt with fresh fruit and a bit of granola. Granola is usually really calorie dense and I try to be aware of my portion size. If I do not have granola, nuts make a great substitute.

3. Waffle Sandwiches- I have recently started making my own waffles but frozen waffles will work just fine. I was always sure to find ones with a simple whole foods ingredients list. I toast 2 waffles and slather one side with peanut butter and the other with jelly and make a sandwich. Sometimes I will mash the bananas right onto the sandwich and forgo the jelly. If you do not add fruit to the sandwich, serve a piece on the side along with your milk of choice for added protein.

4. Scrambled Eggs w/ Veggies & Cheese- We always have some kind of cooked veggie in the fridge. I will often cook up a mix of onion, peppers and mushrooms during my prep cooking and just keep them on hand. Pretty much any vegetable will work. I add the pre cooked veggies to the pan and warm them up, add 2 eggs and stir while they cook. Once the eggs are almost cooked, I add some cheese- again, pretty much any kind will work. Serve with a slice of buttered whole grain toast for extra fiber.

5.Toast + Protein- This can go a few different directions. I really love toast and I am pretty much always excited to eat it. If I am in the mood for something sweet, I will top toasted gluten free whole grain bread with nut butter, mashed banana and drizzle with honey. If I am in the mood for something a little more savory, avacado toast is where it’s at. I smash half of a ripe avacado on a piece of toasted bread and top with a fried egg. I will usually add a piece of fruit to the side.

DSC01825That’s pretty much it! We eat a big brunch on Sunday but these are my weekday/Saturday standards. All of these breakfasts provide a good balance of nutrients, whole grains, fiber and protein and will keep you full until lunch time. Eating a healthy breakfast is  the great way to start the day.

What is your go-to weekday breakfast?


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