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Lunch. May 21, 2015

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After covering Breakfast last week, we are talking about Lunch today. Much like breakfast, I try to keep my lunch pretty healthy and hassle free. I actually pretty much never eat lunch at home. During the week I am working and we are on more of a brunch/snack/dinner schedule on the weekends. My lunch needs to be something that packs up easily, travels well and does not require a lot of fuss to be ready to eat. Tiff will often take dinner leftovers for lunch but it is not always my favorite. Once in a while they are a nice option but I often find them to be “too heavy” for a mid-work day meal.

When the weather is nice, I often take salads with a variety of toppings. When it is colder, I will take soup in a screw tight container (mason jars work well). More than actual recipes for lunches, I stick with a formula. I am always sure to have protein, fiber, a fruit and vegetable and a snack or treat.

The chart below shows some common choices in each category-

Protein chart

I pick something from each category and build my lunch like that. When I take salads or soup, several categories are combined into one. I often have more than one vegetable and protein packed in my lunch. I usually take too much food with me and don’t eat it all, but I would rather have some extra at the end of the day instead of being lured to the junk in the vending machines.

Next week- Snacks!


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