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Living Well On Less- New Clothes. June 5, 2015

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Confession- I really love clothes. I have way too many of them and no real intention to stop buying more. I find fashion to be one of the easiest forms of self- expression because you have to get dressed everyday anyways. Why not wear something that makes you look and feel great? While I will “splurge” on essentials like jeans, camis or a specific item I need, 95% of my clothes are bought super cheap. I do shop at thrift stores quite often and I will cover that in another Living Well On Less post, but today I am going to share some of my tips for getting brand new clothes at deeply discounted prices.

  1. Always shop out of season- I am quite often buying winter coats in the Spring and Summer Dresses in the Fall. If I don’t need an item right now, I usually wait until after it goes out of season to buy it. Summer dresses can easily be converted into fall outfits with tights, boots and a cardigan or just save them for the appropriate season and it is like getting new clothes all over again!
  2. Head to the clearance racks immediately- If I am just doing some recreational shopping, I rarely even look at the full price section of the store. I walk in and immediately head to the clearance area (usually located in the back). I avoid the temptation of full priced items and still find plenty to buy. Stores put items out very early in the season and you can usually find many of the early season items when it is still appropriate weather for wearing them.
  3. Sign up for your favorite stores mailing lists- I save so much money doing this. If you sign up to get emails, you know when there are sales going on and quite often get sent promotional codes. I have done a bunch of Old Navy and GAP shopping online recently with 40% off codes. This is a great way to get in season clothes that you need without paying full prices. I just bought shorts from GAP at really reasonable prices.
  4. Know what you have- Despite having a lot of items in my closet, I am pretty aware of what I have in there. It helps me avoid buying items that are very similar to what I already have as well as helping me keep a well-rounded wardrobe. I also know what I am looking for if I have items that I can’t quite make work yet. This assures that I am not using up my shopping budget on items I already have and don’t need. I clean out and rotate my closet seasonally so this happens without much extra effort.
  5. Take advantage of special offers- Many stores have survey links at the bottom of your receipts where you can save a certain percentage just for taking 5 minutes to fill it out. If it is a store you shop at frequently- be sure you do it! Using a store credit card will often get you special offers. Just be sure to stick to your budget and pay it off in full-you get the special prices and you aren’t racking up debt! If you get coupons with your purchase, save your next shopping trip for when you can use the coupon.
  6. Know the sale cycles of your favorite stores. Most stores host the same basic sales each year. Knowing when In season items are likely to go on sale will allow you to get the best possible prices.
  7. Establish some price guidelines for yourself and stick with them- set a top limit on what you are willing to pay for something that is just a want- and don’t go over it. I never spend more than $20 on a dress, $10 on a shirt or $15 on a sweater. Knowing the top limit of what I am willing to spend on an item helps me stick to my budget.

What is your favorite store for great deals on new clothes? Old Navy is mine!


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