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Hawaiian Chicken Kabobs. August 13, 2015

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Fresh pineapple is one of those things that I often buy and we either eat it within a day or we don’t eat it at all and it goes in the compost. After throwing away two whole pineapples, I was optimistic that we would actually get around to eating this one. Well, we didn’t- at least not in the traditional way alongside breakfast or lunch. I came home from work and noticed it was still sitting on the baker’s rack and needed to be used. I thought about making some kind of dessert but really, I just needed to get dinner on the table. So, I decided I would work the pineapple into our meal. (I should clarify that I am not generally a fan of fruit in my dinner). This is what I came up with based on the chicken I had thawed and some veggies we had in our refrigerator. It was a winner for both of us & perfect served with coconut rice for a complete meal.


Hawaiian Chicken Kabobs

Serves 6



1 fresh pineapple- peeled, cored and diced into large chunks- RESERVE HALF

1/2 cup tamari (or soy sauce)

1/4 c packed brown sugar

3 cloves garlic

1/2 cup water

3 TBLS olive oil

1 bunch green onions- sliced (I use scissors)

Everything Else

1 lb chicken cut into large chunks (I used boneless skinless chicken breasts)

8 oz mushrooms

1 lb mini sweet peppers

1 large red onion- quartered and seperated

Remaining pineapple chunks that you reserved from the marinade


1.Place first 6 items in food processor and blend until pineapple is broken down into very small pieces.

2. Add green onions

3.Reserve 3/4 cup marinade for basting while on grill

4. Add chicken and mushrooms to marinade and let sit in refrigerator for 2-12 hrs.

5. Using kabob sticks that you have soaked in water, alternate ingredients (chicken, mushrooms, peppers, pineapple and onion). Place on foil lined cookie sheets until you get them all done.

6, Cook on grill (grilling times will vary). Ours took about 35 minutes. Rotate every 10-15 minutes. Baste with reserved marinade when you place on grill and every time you rotate them.

7. Remove from grill and let cool slightly.

8. Enjoy!



Easy Pesto Grill Pizzas. May 12, 2015

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We do a lot of grilling in the summer. Dinner is often some kind of meat and whatever veggies need to get used up thrown on the grill while we work in the garden or enjoy a cocktail in the backyard. These grill pizzas are a nice change in the meat and veggies routine. Using pre-made Naan makes things much easier than using pizza dough (especially when cooking on a charcoal grill). The toppings can be switched out to your own taste but this combination is always a winner for us.


Pesto Grill Pizzas

serves 2-4


2 pre-made Naan Bread

4 Tbls Pesto

4 oz Fresh Mozzarella (thinly sliced)

1/2 each red, yellow and green pepper ( I slice off the entire half and cut into two pieces for grilling)

1/2 red onion (thick sliced rings)

4 oz sliced cremini mushrooms

3 Tbls olive oil

2 Sausage Links (these are turkey Italian but I have used chicken & pork Italian as well)

Fresh grated Parmesan for garnish

Medium Tomato- diced (optional)

1. Get your grill ready. We use charcoal and there is not a lot of temperature control, so we just start when it is ready. While grill is heating, chop pepper and onion and toss with  2 Tbls olive oil. Be careful with the onions because you want them to stay together as best as possible. Toss mushrooms with remaining olive oil and wrap in foil.


2. Put peppers, onions and sausage links directly on grill. Put foil packet on grill. Cook until peppers are blistered and sausage are cooked. Onions may still have a little “bite” to them and that’s ok. Cooking times will vary based on your grill.


3. While items are grilling, place Naan bread on grill safe pan. Top each Naan bread with 2 Tbls Pesto and 2 oz of mozzarella. You can place bread directly on grill but I find it easier to use a pan.


4. Once items are cooked, remove from grill and slice all into bite size pieces. Pile grilled veggies and sausage on Naan. Top with fresh Parmesan. Return to grill and cook with cover closed until the cheese melts (again, times will vary based on your grill).


5. Remove from grill, Top with diced tomatoes and cut each Naan into 4 pieces.

6. Enjoy!



Mediterranean Turkey Burgers (with Garlic & Roasted Red Pepper Mayo). October 10, 2014

We were blessed with some pretty gorgeous weather the last couple of weekends and we took advantage of that by having a few friends over and cooking on the grill one last time. Don’t worry if grilling weather is over in your area- these are great when fried in a pan on the stove too.

Ground turkey can be a bit lacking in flavor when it comes to burgers, but I do like to use it sometimes just to mix things up a bit. Adding lots of tasty bits and spreading on some flavored mayo really turns ground turkey into something kind of magical. You don’t have to take my word for it, try it yourself!




Mediterranean Turkey Burgers (with Garlic & Roasted Red Pepper Mayo)

Makes 6 Burgers

1 lb lean ground turkey

10 Kalamata olives- pitted and quartered

1/2 c feta cheese crumbles

1/2 medium red onion- diced

8 sun dried tomatoes- diced (you can substitute a fresh diced tomato if you don’t have these)

Large handful spinach- chopped

salt and pepper to taste

olive oil for brushing on burgers


1. Combine all ingredients in large bowl. Be sure to mix well to evenly distribute ingredients.

2. Form into 6 patties. Brush both sides with olive oil.

3. Cook as desired. Cooking times will vary based on the cooking method you use.

4. Serve on toasted roll (gluten free bread in my case) with romaine lettuce and garlic roasted red pepper mayo (recipe below)

5. Enjoy!


Garlic and Roasted Red Pepper Mayo

1/2 cup olive oil mayo

1 clove garlic- peeled

1 roasted red pepper (from a jar) drained and patted dry

1. Throw everything in the food processor and whirl until combined.

*this is more than enough mayo for the burgers. The leftovers are great on turkey sandwiches!