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Local Adventures- Public Day at Southern Tier Brewery. May 20, 2015

One of my very favorite things to do in the summer months is spend the afternoon at Southern Tier Brewery. It is less than 10 minutes from my house and full of my favorite things- good food, friends and beer. Going to the brewery to hang out is fun anytime but in the nicer months they have several events at the brewery. I didn’t get any really great pictures because I only had my Iphone but I will do better next time.



This past weekend, the brewery hosted their annual Public Day. We lucked out with the weather because it was supposed to rain all afternoon. Despite a few light showers in the first half hr we were there, it cleared up and we stayed dry. Public Day is a little different than their other events in that they offer a much larger selection of brews on tap. You buy tickets ($1 each) and they give you a small glass (4-5 oz) with their logo on it. Each taste (glass full) cost 1 ticket. I believe there were 7 different areas each with a unique selection of locally brewed beer.  Over 20 different beers were offered! This is a great opportunity to try new varieties you have been curious about. I stuck with some old favorites and tried a few new ones. My favorite new ones were the Tangier and the Dephunk. The Tangier is an IPA brewed with tangerines. I love IPA and the tangerines made it so refreshing. Perfect for summer. I have seen the 12packs available at local stores and was glad to test it out before committing. The DePhunk was a Belgian style sour ale brewed with cherries and absolutely delicious. I don’t think they sell this regularly but it was a nice treat.



While their regular kitchen/menu is not available during special events, they always have good food.  It was hot dogs with a variety of fancy topping combinations on Public Day.  As picky as I am about the meat we eat, I truly love hot dogs on the grill. Add out of the ordinary toppings to the mix and I am 100% sold. I got the “cheese dog”, which seems boring, but was not your average cheese dog. The fresh off the grill hot dog was topped with homemade pimento cheese and lots of crumbled bacon. They served the hot dogs on oversized buns so there was plenty of room for holding the toppings in and not making a huge mess. The hot dog was so good- I am still thinking about it! I did try the blue cheese potato salad, which I was really excited about, but it was rather disappointing and I threw most of it away.


There is always live music on their outdoor stage at brewery events and this one was no exception.  It was just one band this time but there is often a variety. Nice music in a beautiful outdoor venue always just feels like summer to me. (This picture was taken at the very beginning of the event, this space quickly filled in)


Despite not having children of my own yet, one of my favorite things about the brewery is that it is family friendly. There is room for children to play and the people are generally pretty great. There are always lots of dogs at the brewery too, which I personally find much more exciting than babies.

The next event at the brewery is The Great American Picnic on May 31st starting at noon. This is always one of my favorite events because they feature many popular local bands playing throughout the day. Cookout food, beer, wine and STBC merchandise are available for sale. You are also always welcome to pack your own picnic and enjoy it there if you don’t want to buy food. The brewery really is a local gem and you should certainly check it out if you have never been. Even if you are not a drinker, the atmosphere is just so nice and relaxing.